View from the street on Norris row

Vox pop: Do you think David Norris should be banned for his 'handcuffs' gesture?

Jane Ambrose, Clapgate Lane, Ipswich

I don't think that footballers should to this type of thing on the pitch when there are lots of people looking. It is not fair for the family because they are grieving for their two little boys. I think he should be banned, that amount of money he was fined is nothing to footballers these days.

Rona Ragucci, Great Gipping Street, Ipswich

I think everything you do these days gets picked up on, it has become a farce now. It is political correctness gone mad. I think these parents are a disgrace for what they are doing.

Tony Cowling, Everton Crescent, Ipswich

I think it has been blown out of proportion, he can support who he wants. It is his friend. I don't think he should be fined or banned at all. You are free to support whoever you want, and you are going to support your friends.

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Jonathan Fox, Connaught Road, Ipswich

It is up to him how he celebrates his goals, no-one can tell him what to do. A fine is fair enough to be honest. I think the press has blown it out of all proportion. The family have come out and said it's all wrong but it's up to him.

Shelly Gladding, Girton Way, Ipswich

I do not think he meant any harm by it at all. He has offered to make a written apology, so I think they should just accept that. He has obviously done it without thinking, it was the excitement of winning the match. I feel for the parents but I would say that he paid with the letter of apology.

Chris Brown, Bramford Road, Ipswich

I am a Manchester United supporter but my parents are Ipswich fans. The fine is obviously not enough because it was for a bloke who killed those kids. I think he should be banned, he is getting away with it lightly.