Village to lose power - for tree cutting

ELDERLY residents are today facing the prospect of their electricity supply being cut for seven hours - so workers can trim trees.

Naomi Cassidy

ELDERLY residents are today facing the prospect of their electricity supply being cut for seven hours - so workers can trim trees.

Despite the weather being set to turn cold again on Friday, power to some customers in Sproughton will be cut for most of the day for EDF Energy Networks carry out tree trimming work.

However concerns have been raised about residents suffering the cold during that period as temperatures are due to drop to freezing levels again by the end of the week.

The firm claimed the work is to ensure the reliability of the overhead electricity network serving the local area. It expects that the power will be switched off to 16 customers in the Church Lane area between 9am and 4pm so the work can be carried out safely.

John Webb, 72, of Church Lane, Sproughton, said: “It won't really affect me but I have a neighbour who is nearly 90 and in ill health. It will not be good for him.

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“I do not see why it is emergency work now if it wasn't two months ago. Either it should have been done a few months ago or they could wait for another two months until it gets warmer.

“There is quite a large elderly population here. Most modern houses rely on electricity either directly, or indirectly, for heating and many people will have no alternative forms of heating.”

An EDF Energy Networks spokeswoman said: “We are investing around �15 million this year on trimming trees across our electricity distribution areas.

“We appreciate that this type of work will inconvenience some people whichever time of day, date and season it is scheduled for. “The work was scheduled to take place in the daytime on a weekday in order to minimise disruption, as interruptions during dark winter nights or at the weekend, when more people are at home, tend to cause more inconvenience.

“To postpone the work due to cold weather would cause further disruption to customers who were anticipating this work would take place on Friday, and who may have made particular arrangements.

“We would like to stress this work is essential to maintain the equipment that brings power to homes and businesses in this area, to ensure reliable supplies in the future.”

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