Vox Pop: Will Ipswich be better off once the roadworks are complete?

Civic Drive road works

Civic Drive road works - Credit: Archant

WHAT do you think of the Travel Ipswich roadworks? Have you been held up? Do you think the end result will be worth all of the inconvenience?

Name: Julie Mason

Comment: Long term improvements. More traffic lights! The council will be moaning they spend too much money on electricity. This town has traffic lights at every road junction. Cannot imagine why people shop elsewhere!!

Name: Catrina Field

Comment: There seems to be roadworks everyday. As soon as one set clears, another pops up. I drive around the one-way system past the docks/Novotel and have been caught so many times. It is frustrating. Its never-ending

Name: Grainne Sanchia Watts

Comment: Yep all the roundabouts are coming out and traffic lights going in and then there will be idiots who jump the lights. I hope the lights will improve things not make them they worse.

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Name: Dave Jenner

Comment: No pain, no gain, it has to be done. When it is done, the traffic will flow much more smoothly, cutting journey times, hopefully it will all be finished soon.

Name: Paul Hubert

Comment: There was never anything wrong with the Civic Drive/Princess Street roundabout. So why someone shouted out to re-vamp it gets my goat. Any traffic that sat there before the works came from junctions after the roundabout.

Name: Daniel Ling

Comment: Stop moaning, if roadworks make you late, leave earlier. People moaned about the traffic before the roadworks yet moan because the roadworks are there. If you want to moan, moan about people driving whilst on the phone.

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