Wales: Two killed in Chevron oil refinery explosion

TWO people have been killed in a major explosion today at an oil refinery, sources have said.

A tanker is believed to have exploded at Chevron, Pembroke Dock in Wales.

Fire crews were called from across the area to tackle the blaze.

A spokesman for Chevron said: “At 18:20 local time on June 2 an incident occurred at the Pembroke Refinery.

“Emergency services were called and responded immediately and remain on the scene.

“The fire has been extinguished.

“We are taking appropriate action to respond to the situation. We are still in the process of accounting for all personnel.”

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According to the company website, the Pembroke Dock refinery specialises in processing heavy, lower quality crudes.

It is understood that two petrol tankers collided inside the refinery, killing both the drivers.

A spokesman for the Welsh Ambulance Service confirmed that paramedics had dealt with casualties at the scene and the air ambulance was deployed.

Because of the heat of the flames, it is not yet certain how many people have been hurt, he said.