Walking around the docks

ENJOYING the pleasant surroundings at the Waterfront in Ipswich is a regular activity for thousands now.

All ages enjoy the bars and restaurants, which in recent years have replaced the maltings and granaries of a few decades ago.

Many comment oN the loss of being able to walk or cycle all the way round the old wet dock, as you were able to do until around twelve years ago when gates were put across New Cut East and Ship Launch Road.

I featured the memories of Terry Davey in a recent Kindred Spirits who recalled the rowing boat ferry service, which crossed New Cut from Griffin Wharf to close to the lock.

Although the tree lined promenade along New Cut East was lost after the First World War all ages continued to use the swing bridge at the lock as a short cut across town until the route was cut off.

Des Pawson of the Ipswich Maritime Trust said “Your feature on the ferry across the New Cut spoke of a time when residents in the east of Ipswich were able to walk or cycle across the lock to go ‘Over Stoke’ or to the station, and those on the west of Ipswich could do the same.

“A time in which the whole town could enjoy at their leisure the sights and goings on all around the port to watch the vessels large and small coming through the locks, to view the regattas held in the bay directly opposite the lock.”

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