War of words over budget proposals

IPSWICH: General election opponents Chris Mole and Ben Gummer immediately squared up to each other after the budget.

Defending Labour MP Mr Mole said: “This Budget secures the recovery – rather than putting it at risk.

“It builds a future based on growth and jobs – rather than leaving people to a decade of austerity.

“Ben Gummer must say how they would meet the challenge that we have set in this Budget.

“How much would the Tories cut from spending in 2010/11? Ben Gummer won’t say.

“We’ve set out our plan. It is time for Ben Gummer to come clean.”

Conservative challenger Mr Gummer said budget had very little detail – and the most eye-catching elements including the stamp duty holiday and increased duty on strong cider had been taken directly from his party’s manifesto.

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“This was a budget short on substance and long on political rhetoric,” he said. “There was nothing there!

“In a few weeks time the voters will have the choice between supporting a party which managed to mishandle the economy even in the good years by building up debt.

“Or they can support a party which has a clear plan to get Britain out of the mess the current government have taken us into by supporting businesses which is where new jobs will be created.”