Warning after 40% rise in Suffolk burglaries, with half of them in south Ipswich

Burglary spike in December

Burglary spike in December

A senior detective has warned residents to be vigilant after burglaries in Suffolk increased by 40% in December.

South Ipswich accounted for half of the county’s 165 break-ins last month, with 44 in the south-west of the town and 39 in the south-east.

The total number of burglaries during last month was 47 more than the three-year monthly average of 118.

Despite the rise police have stressed December was an exceptional month and should be seen in the context of burglaries decreasing by seven per cent in 2016, compared to the average for the previous three years.

Among the other hot spots were Mildenhall with 29 burglaries, Bury St Edmunds with 23, Sudbury and Haverhill 21, Ipswich central 16, Stowmarket 15, and Lowestoft 14. Halesworth also had seven break-ins last month.

Many of the Ipswich offences occurred in the Pinewood, Whitehouse and Whitton areas.

In early December police warned homeowners in west Suffolk of an organised criminal gang, or gangs, operating in the area after dozens of burglaries.

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However, it is understood the increase in Ipswich is likely to be the work of individuals rather than organised groups.

Detective Superintendant Andy Smith, of Suffolk Constabulary, said: “Suffolk police continue to prioritise the investigation of dwelling burglaries, recognising the impact this crime has on victims who have had their homes violated and property stolen.

“We are passionate about providing the best service, aiming to catch those responsible through detailed investigations, including the best use of forensic assets.

“Whilst we saw a notable spike in burglaries in December, this was an exceptional month and should be put into context.

“The number of burglaries we have experienced on average in Suffolk in the last 12 months is seven per cent less than the average in the preceding three years.

“We have solved over 20% of offences in the force December, including 35% in the southern area where most burglaries occurred last month.

“We continue to pursue other suspects with an appropriate sense of urgency to ensure they don’t get the opportunity to reoffend.

“I would urge the public to be vigilant and report anything suspicious and take basic crime prevention steps as outlined on our website.

“I would also appeal for those with information about burglars, and equally importantly handlers of stolen property, to do the right thing and report them either to Suffolk police directly on 101 or anonymously via Crimestoppers 0800 555111.”