Waterfront: Ipswich Maritime Trust to restore historic feel

As buildings across the town prepare to open their doors for a weekend of history and culture, members of Ipswich Maritime trust (IMT) are hoping to restore some living history to the Waterfront.

The trust has been hoping to reinstate the traditional quay names around the Waterfront area for many years.

Members feel that names such as ‘Regatta’ that have been given to the new developments don’t have any particular significance to the area or the history of the town.

IMT director Stuart Grimwade said: “It would be wonderful to restore the names that mean something to people rather than these new names that don’t mean anything.

“The more people who promote the idea, the better.”

IMT hopes that by restoring the names of the quays and wharves it will return a sense of ownership and pride to the Waterfront.

While many of the names do still exist, a lot have fallen out of common use. After researching the past names of the quays and wharves, the trust has come up with this map to illustrate the proposed reinstatement of the historic quay names.

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Stuart said: “The aim of the trust is to encourage all those involved in the future redevelopment of Ipswich’s historic Waterfront to recognise the importance of the old quay names, and of the need to reinstate them in their rightful locations, in preference to new and entirely irrelevant names of no local significance.”

During the upcoming Heritage Open Weekend, IMT will be opening up the quay level rooms of the Old Custom House and mounting a maritime-themed exhibition on Saturday and Sunday, September 8 and 9.

The sailing barge Victor, one of the oldest remaining Thames sailing barges, will also be moored opposite the Old Custom House over the weekend.

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