We’re a double beacon town!

IPSWICH: We’ve been saying for months that this is a Beacon Town – now we can reveal it’s going to be a double beacon town come the Diamond Jubilee weekend!

Ipswich will have two of the 2,012 beacons that will be lit across the country to mark the 60th anniversary of The Queen coming to the throne.

The borough’s beacon will be lit in its traditional spot next to Christchurch Mansion on June 4, but there will also be a new beacon lit on top of the county council’s Endeavour House headquarters about a mile away.

Both will be part of the official Jubilee celebrations that will extend across the country.

Lighting both beacons will emphasise the importance of Ipswich at the heart of the heart of the Suffolk community, and comes as Endeavour House leaders have emphasised the importance of boosting the county town.

County leader Mark Bee played a vital role at last week’s Beacon Town conference – pledging to do all his authority could to improve the profile of Ipswich.

He told delegates: “Ipswich has a great deal going for it. A fantastic mixture of large and small businesses, a strong financial and insurance sector, and a great workforce.”

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And although he is from Beccles, on the Suffolk/Norfolk border, he said he had always felt himself pulled more towards Ipswich than Norwich. He is a keen Town fan rather than a follower of the Canaries.

He told The Star that he was delighted the county’s headquarters would have a role in the beacon celebration.

He said: “The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee is a very special occasion so it’s hugely important that we find a fitting way to mark and celebrate it.

“We’re pleased to be lighting a beacon on Endeavour House. It’s wonderful to be part of this impressive national project.”

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