What time will the heatwave peak in Ipswich today?

Ipswich will peak at 35C today as sweltering temperatures continue

Ipswich will peak at 35C today as sweltering temperatures continue - Credit: Charlotte Bond

Although Ipswich is outside the red weather warning which is in place for western parts of Suffolk, temperatures are still expected to reach 35C. 

According to the Met Office, Ipswich will peak at 35C at 4pm with temperatures set to stay above 30C for eight hours of the day. 

Chris Bell, forecaster at Weatherquest, said: "It's going to jump up very quickly this morning – we will be seeing temperatures close to 30C very soon.

"By midday, the west of Suffolk will be about 35C or 36C. Ipswich will probably be about 31C or 32C, but on the coast it will be a bit fresher.

Alex enjoying the fountains. Hot weather in Ipswich Picture: CHARLOTTE BOND

An amber weather warning is in place for heat in Ipswich today - Credit: Charlotte Bond

"The peak will occur between 2pm and 3pm. It will be on the border of about 38C in the western parts of the county. The highs for Ipswich probably be about 34C or 35C.

"The thinking is the hottest temperatures will occur in the Peterborough area towards York."

There is still an amber weather warning for extreme heat in the area, leading to "widespread impacts on people and infrastructure".

It is also expected that "population-wide adverse health effects are likely to be experienced, not limited to those most vulnerable to extreme heat, leading to potential serious illness or danger to life".

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