Weather: Enjoy sunshine while it lasts, colder spell is on the way

SUFFOLK: We may have just enjoyed another bright autumn weekend, but weather experts are urging people to dig out their warm clothes as a colder spell is heading our way.

By the end of the week temperatures are expected to have dipped significantly – we are not yet facing an Arctic blast but temperatures are expected to fall below average.

Phil Garner from Norwich-based forecasters Weatherquest said the temperature would fall from the weekend’s 18C to about 11C by Friday.

He said: “The big difference people will notice is that the temperature will not get up during the days as it has been doing recently.

“We have had some cold nights – at Wattisham it has been very near freezing during the early mornings – but once the sun has got out it has warmed things up.

“That will not be happening later this week and it will feel colder – it’s certainly time to get your jumpers out!”

Despite some reports, though, Mr Garner said there was no indication this was the start of cold winter.

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“Our charts go up to next weekend and it looks as if things will get a bit milder but possibly a bit wetter into the last full week of October.”

So far this autumn has been very dry with only a fraction of the expected rainfall since the start of September.

The government’s Met Office issues a monthly forecast and the most recent of these expects temperatures to remain average as we head towards November.

As the temperatures hit the high teens yesterday, people took a last chance to take a leisurely stroll in fine weather on the seafront in Felixstowe. For most people, it is likely the shorts will now have to be put away until next year!

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