Weather set to improve after heavy rainfall

It might not be sunbathing weather just yet, but the forecast is set to improve over the next few days after heavy rain and reports of localised flooding in some parts of the county today.

There will be a few remnants of today’s heavy rainfall throughout this evening, particularly towards the east coast.

But things are set to get better through the rest of the week with a dry weekend to follow.

Joe Osborne, forecaster with Weatherquest, said: “I think we have seen the worst of it today and it is an improving situation going into the rest of the week.

“It is a little bit unsettled but it looks like all the heavier rain will stay in the Midlands so it will be mainly dry through tomorrow and into Wednesday and Thursday.

“Tomorrow there will be a small chance of isolated showers but they will be few and far between with most places staying dry, if a little cloudy.”

Ipswich will see temperatures reaching 20 degrees Celsius tomorrow and Wednesday, while coastal areas are expected to be two or three degrees lower.

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Although it feels a lot cooler than the past few weeks, these temperatures are about average for the time of year.

This comes after a day of heavy showers and a flood warning from the Met Office.

Local forecaster Ken Blowers said: “This is the heaviest rain for six months.

“It comes at the end of a 16-day heatwave, which is extremely unusual for the whole of Britain.”

Ipswich has already seen 0.58 inches or 14.8mm of rainfall today, which is the highest level since December 18 when we had 0.89 inches or 22.6mm of rain.

Mr Osborne added: “Things do look a bit more settled for the weekend. I think we should see a little bit more high pressure building on Saturday so it will stay mainly dry through the weekend, possibly getting a little cloudier on Sunday.”

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