Wedding couple in photo row

A WEDDING photographer who was at the centre of an Evening Star investigation almost two years ago, is again being blamed for letting down a bride and groom.

A WEDDING photographer who was at the centre of an Evening Star investigation almost two years ago, is again being blamed for letting down a bride and groom.

In the autumn of 2000, Rodney Wolton, who ran Studio 36 from Norwich Road, Ipswich, suddenly moved out leaving some customers in the dark about whether he would be fulfilling wedding photograph orders.

After a lengthy search Mr Wolton was found by The Evening Star. Although he said he had been declared a personal bankrupt and had needed to take paid employment in another field, he promised that either he or an associate would make sure all wedding orders of couples who had booked with him were carried through.

He said he had written to all clients informing them of a change of business but one couple, who decided to go ahead with the booking after receiving notification from Mr Wolton, still have nothing after paying more than £300 for their wedding album photographs.

Now Sarah and Simon Cornwall are considering taking legal action after a huge wrangle with Mr Wolton who, nine months and £350 later, has still not produced their photographs.

The couple from Sallows Close, Ipswich, received a letter from Studio 36 saying that the company had changed hands. They were assured that their wedding photographs, which had been booked while the studio traded from Norwich Road, would still be done by them.

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Just before Christmas, Mrs Cornwall said the proofs of the wedding photos arrived so they could choose what they wanted in their album and other guests could also pick some out as a memory of the day.

They sent off the order and £350 was taken from their bank account – but since then they have seen nothing of the photos for their album.

Mr and Mrs Cornwall, who have two children, Megan, four and Jack, one, married in August at All Saint's Church in Chevalier Street, Ipswich.

The only pictorial memories they have of that special day are photographs taken by guests.

Sarah said: "It was a really nice day but now we don't have any proper photos to prove that. We have nothing and I am really upset.

"Most people have pictures of their wedding day around and we don't have anything."

Although they have been trying to phone Mr Wolton, he claims that the negatives are now with the wedding photographer who was supposed to be processing them.

Mr Wolton told them he still has the proofs and offered to do their photos from those, but he said he did not have the negatives and after paying £350 the couple said they want the real thing.

Mr Cornwall, said: "Mr Wolton said he had tried to call the people who was going to process the film but said he can't get in touch with them."

Mrs Cornwall said she no longer knows where to turn and with baby number three on the way she is finding it hard to cope with the stress.

She said: "We do have a few photos that the family took but they are not as good as the others.

"If I knew this was going to happen I would never have gone with them."

The Cornwall's said that Mr Wolton has repeatedly told them that he would get their wedding album photographs for them but to date he has failed to do so.

He arranged to visit the couple twice with their photographs but they say he failed both times to turn up.

Now Mrs Cornwall has said she has sent a letter to Mr Wolton advising him that if the photos do not reach her by June 5 she is going to start court proceedings.

Mr Wolton said today that he was merely acting as an agent for the photographer for the four weddings he should have been dealing with when he was made bankrupt.

He claims that he took the proofs to the couple and then passed on their cheque to the photographer, who was doing the work on his behalf but has not seen him since January time.

The number given for the other photographer is today unavailable and we have been unable to locate him or his studio.