Weight to go - family lose 15 stone

A TRIO of Ipswich relatives are celebrating the disappearance of an unpopular family member.

Tom Potter

A TRIO of Ipswich relatives are celebrating the disappearance of an unpopular family member.

Together with her brother David Brame and mum Ivy, Sue Mortimer has lost 14 stone in the last two years - the equivalent of a whole other person.

Mrs Mortimer shed a massive seven-and-a-half stone after doctors told her she was far too overweight and was putting her own health at risk.

Two years ago the 52-year-old persuaded her mum and brother to go along to a WeightWatchers class, kick-starting a healthy lifestyle the three have stuck to ever since.

In that time Mr Brame, of Station Street, Ipswich who works as a steward at Ipswich Town, has rid himself of a huge five stone, while his 75-year-old mother, also of Station Street has dropped a hefty three stone in flab.

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Mrs Mortimer, of Nightingale Square, Ipswich said: “I had tried diets over the years and found they just didn't work.

“I was nearly 18-and-a-half stone and in a bad way medically. I had high cholesterol and fat cells in my blood, and my brother had the same problems.

“It came to a point where I thought 'I'm a divorced woman and I'm overweight. I have to do this for myself and no one else.'”

The mother of five admits she had little control over what passed her lips but, with the help of her family and fellow WeightWatchers, was able to develop a way of eating more filling foods less frequently. Soon the blubber started to drop off and the results were noticeable on all three of the slimmers.

Mrs Mortimer said: ““I used to just give in to temptation and eat whatever I could.

“Now I can have tempting things in the house.

“My 14-year-old daughter has snacks in the house and I don't feel like I have to eat them as well.”

She said that having her brother and her mum doing it was a huge help.

For further information on the Weight Watchers Discover Plan or to find your nearest meeting, call 08457 123 000 or visit www.weightwatchers.co.uk

Did you know?

14 stones is 196 lbs - the equivalent of 196 bags of sugar


Mrs Mortimer said she used to eat whatever she wanted without thinking of how much fat was in it.

Now she stops and reads the packets of food to see how much saturated fat is in it before she eats it.

She would think nothing of eating 12 packs of crisps in one go if there was a multi-pack in the house.

Now that has all stopped and the family has learned to eat healthily and has stopped reaching for the biscuit barrel in the afternoon.