From sex toys to staplers – here are the weirdest items left behind in Ipswich nightclubs

A number of items get left behind by drunk party-goers in Ipswich bars and clubs. Picture: LUCY TAYL

A number of items get left behind by drunk party-goers in Ipswich bars and clubs. Picture: LUCY TAYLOR - Credit: Archant

Who hasn’t lost their phone or bank card during a night on the town? But according to Ipswich bouncers these are not the only items being discovered on the dancefloor.

Josh Hayes, director of Beast Security Limited - which mans the doors of Ipswich Revolution, Rays, Three Wise Monkeys and Aqua Eight amongst others - gave us the low-down of the weirdest items discovered during the final clean sweep.

1. A stapler

Work drinks gone wrong?

Or maybe someone's been finishing off that last bit of office admin before clocking off for the weekend.

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2. Women's underwear covered in human faeces

There are no words for this one.

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3. Pink fluffy handcuffs

Birthday fancy dress? Or maybe a hen-do? There's multiple explanations for this one thankfully.

4. A small sex toy - which one bouncer mistook for a lipstick

"Think the bouncer on duty was a bit surprised to find this one," laughed Josh.

5. One high heel

"We always find the odd high heel...but never a pair," explained Josh.

Cinderella's are popping up all over the town apparently - but it begs the question, how on earth are they wobbling home in a single stiletto? Witchcraft?

6. Full-sized sex toys

Enough said.

7. Women's clutch bags - often stuffed full of chocolate

"You'd be surprised how many women's bags and clutch bags get left behind...but even more surprised to know that they are very often found stuffed with chocolate. Ladies are more prepared for a night on the town than you might think."

8. Cameras and house keys

Not the ideal thing to leave behind when you get home in the early hours of the morning and the heavens have opened (not speaking from experience I promise).

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