What changes is Ipswich Borough Council making to its bin collections over the festive period?

Brown bin

Brown bin - Credit: Gregg Brown

People in Ipswich are being advised of changes to the brown bin collections over Christmas.

Ipswich Borough Council is not collecting them between December 26 and January 6 because it will be focussing on clearing up the extra waste generated by Christmas festivities.

An IBC spokesman said: “Paper, plastic, present wrappings and boxes all add to the load whereas the brown bins are under-used over the festive period.

”Brown bin collections will resume on Tuesday, January 10.”

The authority is also asking people not to put out their brown bins outside these dates unless they are more than half full.

The spokesman added: “It would be easier for residents – and for our waste collection teams – if they wait until their brown bins are more than half full. This will help us improve the efficiency of the collections.

Black and blue bin collections will also be different over the festive period.

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A leaflet is being delivered to every household in Ipswich next month.

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