What’s wrong with Archers anyway?

SUNDAY’S aren’t always the best are they?

Sometimes you just don’t know what to do with yourself.

This week I woke up without a hangover and without a plan.

I popped into town for a Sunday paper to find Felixstowe covered in leather – well motorbikes.

Anyway after a mooch around I got into my small blue Polo and slid up the A14.

I’m in the market for some new furniture so I thought Ipswich would be a good place to start.

Inside one of the town’s larger stores, I bumped into my friends Tracey and Jonathan as they perused informal lighting.

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“Come and see this sofa I have found” I urged, keen for a second opinion that agreed with my own.

Put on the spot they could hardly refuse.

As we walked across the shop floor, I momentarily lost the sofa in question.

“Where are we going James? This is the area for old people’s furniture – are you buying something strange – we know what you’re like.”

I’m not quite sure what she meant by this – I suspect she thought I might plump for something that’s chintzy and straight-backed - and it wasn’t until afterwards I started to think she might, just might, mean I am a tad old fashioned.

Well it is true that when I was 17 and everyone else was going to Glastonbury and experimenting with soft drugs I was listening to The Archers.

And I spent most of my student years drinking cider and black in a pub in Putney probably because I thought the Ministry of Sound was something to do with Christian rock – something I have always religiously avoided.

After my student years I lived, for a while, in a small village on the Isle of Man – a place which still has a horse driven tram and where you leave your front door unlocked when you go out.

And even now I live in Felixstowe a town which I like very much but which can hardly be styled as cutting edge.

So it is perhaps true that I sometimes find myself out of kilter with the modern world.

I don’t have flip flops, preferring a proper sneaker, nor do I have a kindle as I like a real book and I haven’t got a dongle because I don’t know what they are.

I do, however, have a car and I use aerosols. I’ve been in an aeroplane and I use a modern chromium fountain pen when I write letters so I’m not totally behind the times.

Anyway suddenly at the age of 36, I have decided that there’s nothing really wrong with liking cheese and pineapple on sticks instead of some awful sweet chilli flavoured savoury snack that no one really likes.

And what’s wrong with The Archers? They have some very cutting edge storylines – this week some cows got out and these things really do happen.

In the end I decided on a two seater and two armchairs – I saw this configuration in a book on Clarence House published in the 1950s and I rather liked it.

As Tracey said when she finally saw the sofa in question: “You can’t go wrong with that, its timeless.”

I think she liked it.