What you said: How Facebook reacted to Ipswich Hospital letting partners stay overnight after child birth


Hundreds of readers have praised Ipswich Hospital for finally allowing the partners of new mums stay overnight in the maternity ward after their baby is born.

The news was broken on the Ipswich Star Facebook page yesterday morning and this sparked a huge wave of positivity and delight from parents who say having the support of a partner after child birth will be invaluable.

The social media post attracted around 1,000 likes, 400 shares, and 300 comments from people across Suffolk.

And here’s a glimpse at what parents think about the announcement:

Jennifer Adams said: “With only four weeks to go till due date this is good to hear. The father should have every opportunity to stay and bond with his new babe as much as the mum. And the extra help is never a bad thing.”

Camilla Hall said: “This was one of the hardest parts! Would have been great. Hadn’t slept, laboured through night then had a baby that wouldn’t sleep unless on me! So no sleep for me that night in hospital either!”

Rachel Smith said: “I so wish this was in place when I had my 2!! Amazing...it’s just as important for a dad to bond with their baby as it is for us women.”

Dee Walton said: “This is a brilliant idea on so many levels; no one can explain the emotional roller coaster of that first night, hormones, sleep deprivation anxiety and the huge weight of responsibility. But more importantly for us, my partner would’ve given anything to have experienced that with us. Excellent idea.”

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Leah Cooper said: “I had an emergency c-section 3 months ago, having my partner stay would have been such a help. Especially as I was still in hospital on my birthday and that night my little girl would not settle and I could not get to her to settle her. Having my partner there would have made things so much easier and I wouldn’t have felt as lonely.”

Jo Powell said: “Brilliant idea! I felt so lost when my partner was told he had to leave an hour and a half after having our daughter.”

Chris Sadler said: “When my little girl was born I paid £100 for a room, I couldn’t leave my wife and baby on the first night. Not a option for everyone and limited rooms. Good idea for dads to stay, good dads care as much.”

Jon Wood said: “7 years ago, I stayed regardless! Luckily we had a lovely midwife who allowed me to sleep on a fold away bed. Had she not, with me not being able to drive, I would’ve kipped on a bench somewhere!”

Hollie May Rackham said: “Having just had my 3rd baby 4 weeks ago I can say that having my husband with me over night was a massive help & support. It was my first c-section and without his help I would have been an incredible burden on the night staff.”

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