Whatfield Primary School near Ipswich achieves Outstanding rating from Church of England Education Office

Whatfield CEVC Primary School has gained outstanding in its SIAM inspection - Statutory inspection o

Whatfield CEVC Primary School has gained outstanding in its SIAM inspection - Statutory inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools. - Credit: Gregg Brown

A Church of England primary school near Ipswich has celebrated being awarded the top rating of Outstanding in its latest CofE Education Office inspection.

Whatfield Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School was inspected last month on its teaching of Christian values, cultural ethos and social development.

And after being rated Good in its previous SIAM inspection (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and methodist Schools) in November 2011, but has now gone one better to get the Outstanding rating.

Delighted headteacher Lynne Golding said: “We are really, really pleased to be acknowledged that the school has done so well, and the fantastic collaboration made by staff, governors, parents and children.

“It’s only a very small school so it has a good family feel.”

The inspection explores the school’s cultural and social side, which differs to the more academic-performance driven Ofsted inspection, in which the school is currently rated Good.

But school staff highlighted the need for both areas to be of a high standard in order for a school to perform well.

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Mrs Golding added: “They [Ofsted] do look at the social and cultural side to a point but not quite as in depth, so we really do value this report, and what seems to be really positive is the whole ethos of the school has really shown up.”

Inspector Gillian Holmes said in the report that the school is “committed to, and successful in, providing high quality Christian education for all pupils,” and “relationships between staff and pupils are outstanding.”

The report also highlighted the success of a collaboration with Bildeston Primary School, which allows teachers to share resources and expertise and provides more opportunities for children with joint projects and field trips.

The report added: “The successful collaborative partnership with Bildeston school has provided curriculum enrichment opportunities for pupils.

“Parents and pupils rightly praise the inclusivity of the school, where every child has access to both the full curriculum as well as the extensive range of extra-curricular activities.”

The school is welcome to visitors, who can contact 01473 823309.