Where are the cheapest places in Ipswich to buy petrol and diesel today?

Morrisons Petrol Station in Sproughton. Stock image

Morrisons Petrol Station in Sproughton. Stock image

Motoring is an expensive business, even if you only use you car for a short journey to and from work each day.

So saving a bit of money by buying fuel as cheap as you can will always help cut the cost of running your vehicle.

To save you a bit of the hassle, here’s a list of some of the cheapest places to get petrol or diesel today.

The Morrisons filling station in Ipswich is currently selling petrol for 115.7p per litre – one of the cheapest within a few miles of Ipswich. They’re also good value for diesel, selling it for 117p/litre.

The Asda superstore at the Whitehouse Interchange has it on offer for 116.7p/litre, while its diesel is 118.7p/litre, and the London Road Shell garage is selling it for 116.9p/litre (diesel 119.9p/litre).

Harvest Energy in Wherstead Road has petrol at the same price, as does the BP service station in Meredith Road.

Also worthy of note with good diesel prices are the BP in Spring Road (118.9p/litre) and Tesco at the Copdock Interchange (118.9p/litre).