Where’s my sheep gone? First buses reveal list of the strangest things passengers leave behind


Underwear, musical instruments and pets are just some of the oddest items left oddest items left on public transport in Suffolk and East Anglia.

Lists of the most common – an most unusual – things left on vehicles operated by First Eastern Counties have been compiled by the company and released today.

It is also reminding people to pick up any property they may have forgotten while travelling around the town this Christmas.

Chris Speed, business Manager for First Eastern Counties, said: “Some of the most common items left on our buses include umbrellas, mobile phones, iPods, walking sticks and false teeth. We also have a number of clothing items waiting to be claimed.

“We do collect some unusual items and we are trying to reunite people with their belongings this Christmas.

“Thousands of items of lost property are handed to us every year and we would like to remind passengers to take all of their belongings with them when they leave the bus.”

The top 10 most common items left on First buses in our region are:

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Mobile phones

iPods/MP3 players

Bus passes

Coats and jackets




PE kits

The 10 oddest things left behind include:

A hamster

A lawnmower

A trombone



A child’s bicycle

An urn with ashes

A tortoise

An inflatable sheep

A wooden leg

Passengers can claim their lost property, which is held for up to three months, from First’s depots in Norwich, Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft, Ipswich and King’s Lynn. Photographic identification will be required. Call 08456 020121 for opening times.