White out - Suffolk on alert

SUFFOLK is today bracing itself for the heaviest snowfall for years after experts issued a severe weather warning.The government's Met Office warned there is a 60 per cent chance of serious disruption over the next 24 to 48 hours. See this site on Monday for more details of the disruption caused.

SUFFOLK is today bracing itself for heavy snow forecast overnight and during Monday.

The government's Met Office today issued a severe weather warning for East Anglia and the south east of England warning there is a 60 per cent chance of disruption during Monday.

There are expected to be two waves of potentially heavy snow over the next 24 hours - the first is expected to move in from the continent during the early hours of Monday morning.

That is expected to ease later in the morning, but a second wave is predicted to move from the east during the afternoon - and that could have bring in more snow than the first.

The weather seems certain to cause major disruption - and some schools were expected to be closed on Monday.

Visit this website on Monday morning to find which schools are shut.

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The cold spell is expected to last all week.

Ken Blowers, The Evening Star's weather expert said: “The cold spell will probably last for the whole of next week. It will be the most severe spell of the current winter.”

This will be the third time Ipswich has seen snow this winter but according to weather experts, this period will be the most severe so far with sub-zero wind chill. The extreme conditions could lead to problems on the road, railway lines and even some schools could be forced to close.

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Before setting out, listen to weather forecasts on the radio or television, and look for clues outside.

Reduce your speed generally and slow down well in advance of bends and junctions. Allow more time to stop than usual.

Use a high gear and avoid harsh acceleration, hard braking or sudden steering movements.

Make sure you can see and be seen. Use dipped headlights in poor visibility but avoid unnecessary use main beam headlights or rear fog lights which can cause dazzle and annoyance.

Use main routes as far as possible

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