Who’s fault is it?

It’s the government isn’t it?

Or its the credit crunch. Or the media. Or immigration. Or the rich. Or the poor. Or the bankers.

Everything nowadays is someone else’s fault.

Now big companies who don’t seem to pay much tax are getting ticked off.

These companies, which employ thousands and have located themselves here partly because Britain is a global tax haven - something I note no one mentions - are being vilified and told they are being immoral by politicians, of all people.

To claim something is immoral is a dangerous argument and one that politicians and all of us should be weary of using.

Below are a few of the moral contradictions we live with day in day out.

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-If fox hunting is immoral then why wasn’t horse racing banned at the same time?

-If we all want comfortable pensions and half decent returns on our investments then how closely should we look at the morals of the companies and regimes in which we invest? Most of us haven’t a clue where our money is invested on our behalf.

-If banker’s bonuses are “just not right” then why is no one else’s?

-If putting carbon into the atmosphere is wrong then why do we all want cheap fuel?

-If large profits by companies is profiteering then why does no one want to sell their houses for the same price they paid for it?

Our world is full of double standards and hypocrisy.

When it suits us we baulk at some things which seem unfair and quite happily turn a blind eye to others.

The elephant in the room of course is that our society and the leaders we get and our way of life, reflects us all. Perhaps we get what we deserve and it’s time we stopped blaming everyone else and started looking a bit closer at ourselves.

May I take this opportunity to wish you a very meryy Christmas and a happy New Year as I am off for on an extended festive break from next week.