Why I sympathise with the WAGs

I have just discovered that I share an obsession with Coleen McLoughlin and no, it isn't Wayne Rooney! While I may not be one of the notorious WAGs with loads of money and time at my disposal, I certainly seem to have the same overwhelming need for retail therapy.

I have just discovered that I share an obsession with Coleen McLoughlin and no, it isn't Wayne Rooney! While I may not be one of the notorious WAGs with loads of money and time at my disposal, I certainly seem to have the same overwhelming need for retail therapy. And the similarities do not end there.

You see for the last few weeks I too have had to cope with a family member being sidelined with a foot injury - namely me!

Being used to dealing with the delaying tactics of Katie and Larry, our dog and cat respectively, I never dreamed as I headed towards my kitchen the other afternoon that I would end up being cruelly fouled by a totally inanimate object.

Okay, so it was my fault for leaving the ironing board out but it's great for giving the impression that I'm actually in the middle of doing some. On this occasion though I obviously strayed too close and ended up stubbing my little toe and breaking it.

Well shockwaves not only reverberated along my foot and leg but throughout the whole of my family. Not only did it mean someone else would have to cook tea but worst of all it was clear that dancing was strictly off the agenda.

With no oxygen tent on hand to hasten recovery as in Wayne's case, my hubby offered to blow on it but to no avail. It seemed that propping my foot up and surrounding it with ice was the only possible remedy.

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So having to endure this enforced bout of lounging I tried to think of ways to amuse myself. Obviously all dance videos were out as too was my speciality karaoke song 'The first cut is the deepest' - too painful to contemplate in more ways than one. Even books I promised myself I'd read during the holidays didn't induce me to turn many pages. It was clear that my concentration levels had plummeted to virtually nil. Yes, there was nothing for it but to watch daytime TV.

Now normally any excuse to sit glued to Big Brother would be readily welcomed, but for once I felt a desperate desire to get off the settee.

With my foot firmly trapped between two family-size packs of frozen peas however I found myself repeatedly switching between Price-drop, Ideal World and Bid TV. And it was then that I realised just how addicted to shopping I am.

Suddenly these channels, which I along with my fellow students have mercilessly maligned in media studies, seemed incredibly appealing. How I longed to follow the instructions of the friendly presenters and buy such must-have items as a mobile evaporative cooler with heater and really realistic paste jewellery. Oh, if only I'd been able to get to the phone.

Never mind, luckily my foot is now healing nicely and a real-life shopping spree should soon be on the cards. But I don't care that I can't splash out £3,000 on a handbag and swimwear as Coleen is reported to have done in one hour recently. As long as I end up with a couple of bags hanging from each arm I'll be happy.

So the plug is top be pulled on Top of the Pops at the end of the month.

Producers say the decision to bring the show to an end after 42 years has not been taken lightly.

I can't believe it although I must say I'm not surprised. Not only does it have to compete with all the music channels but it's stuck in the graveyard slot on Sunday on BBC2. It's been great while it's lasted though, with some truly memorable performances over the years.

Who can forget Brian Jones sitting cross-legged on top of a grand piano playing his flute to the Rolling Stones' 'Ruby Tuesday', and Roxy Music, including Ipswich's own Brian Eno, in their glam rock days belting out 'Virginia Plain'? But it is the iconic image of Diana Ross and the Supremes singing their all time classic 'Babylove' that will always be a symbol of TOTP for me.

Anyway faced with its imminent demise my hubby and I decided we really should watch the last few programmes for old time's sake.

But seeing The Kooks and Lily Allen performing in front of a studio audience only reminded us just how much more entertaining this is than being endlessly confronted with the same old video clips on The HITS or TMF. Which got us thinking.

If the BBC can manage to successfully resurrect Dr Who why can't they do the same with TOTP?

All they need do is sandwich it between Tomorrow's World and The Man from UNCLE at 7.30pm on a Thursday!

Has anyone else noticed people hovering around the streets of Ipswich lately? When I first spotted what appeared to be a young man floating towards me the other week I must admit I blinked pretty heavily. But as he then proceeded to walk and glide intermittently, I realised that this strange phenomenon was down to him rather than me …or more to the point his footwear.

A quick surf on the internet later and I soon learnt all about the latest 'fun for all ages' - wheel skate trainers. Now they may not be the craze around here yet but I predict they very soon will be.

Well I've started crazing for a pair anyway!

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