Widow's fury over internet cheat

A DISTRAUGHT widow today warned of the perils of internet dating after her new cyber companion allegedly vanished with her life savings.

A DISTRAUGHT widow today warned of the perils of internet dating after her new cyber companion allegedly vanished with her life savings.

Ipswich mother Marina Keevil turned to the internet in search of a partner three years after discovering her husband dead on the sofa.

The 53-year-old met a man from the Swindon area of Wiltshire eight weeks ago through a dating website.

The relationship quickly developed and they were already making plans for him to move into her home in Boyton Road, where she lives with her 14-year-old son Adam.

But her life was once again torn apart on Tuesday when the man disappeared on a shopping trip, taking her with a car which she bought for them to use with �1,000 of her savings. He also made off with �150 of her cash.

Mrs Keevil, who is unemployed, said: “I am gutted. I was so stupid. He was a nice, quiet man. He said he wanted a quiet life and that he was happy with me and Adam.

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“It may not sound like a lot of money, but now I've spent it all. I just want to warn people of him.”

Mrs Keevil does not drive, but she bought the car as an opportunity for her new partner to take the family on outings - a privilege she has not enjoyed since her husband, Colin Keevil, died of heart failure after 26 years of marriage.

Mrs Keevil claimed the man promised he would register the car in her name, but he instead put it under his.

She was left distraught when she was left stranded during a shopping trip to Asda in Bury Road after he disappeared.

Mrs Keevil said: “When we were in the store, he said he needed the toilet. He gave me a kiss and said he would catch me up in the shop.

“I was talking to a friend and we thought that he had been a long time. My gut instinct told me to go to the car and it had gone.

“I was shocked. I put my hands on my head and screamed.”

She returned to the house to find her dog locked in the cupboard and that his numbers had been deleted from her mobile phone so she is now unable to contact him.

A spokeswoman for Suffolk police said officers were investigating the incident.

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SUFFOLK police today issued the following advice to people meeting strangers over the internet:

Make sure you meet them in a public place initially;

Let someone you trust know where and when you are going;

If you enter into a relationship, be a little bit cautious even though your instinct may to trust that person;

There are many genuine people who meet on the internet, but be aware that some may have more sinister motives;

Don't divulge personal or banking details to strangers that may help them commit a fraud.