‘Poor thing!’ Fears for welfare of scruffy wild chicken living rough by Ipswich road

Locals say the chicken has been living in the verge on the corner of Burrell Road and Stoke Street i

Locals say the chicken has been living in the verge on the corner of Burrell Road and Stoke Street in Ipswich for weeks. Picture: OLIVER SULLIVAN - Credit: OLIVER SULLIVAN

This wild chicken has been living on a verge behind St Mary’s Church in Burrell Road, Ipswich for weeks - and neighbours are now concerned for his welfare.

The chicken, clearly in a scruffy state, can be seen walking through the dirt, littered with broken glass and crushed cans near the edge of the busy road.

Members of the Ipswich Remembers Facebook page say they reported the chicken to authorities, but the bird has remained there for weeks.

Nicola Still said: “If you know anyone with a missing cockerel, that’s where it is. Poor thing. I think he has lost his way.

“I’ve contacted the RSPCA, animal welfare and non-emergency police.

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Another passerby added: “It is crazy, I’ve seen it many times and he is still here.”

It is not known where the bird - which could possibly be feral - has come from or if it has any injuries.

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An RSPCA spokesman said: “We are grateful to everyone who has shown concern for this bird and we would ask if the bird is seen again, and if they have concerns for its welfare or if it has been safely confined to please call the RSPCA on our 24-hour cruelty and advice line on 0300 1234 999.”

Suffolk has a history of rearing feral chickens, with up to 300 chickens said to have lived wild on a roundabout on the A143 in Ditchingham near Bungay for some time.

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