Wiley slates Ed Sheeran for ‘using grime to look good’ as he prepares for second sellout Ipswich gig

PUBLISHED: 14:18 24 August 2019 | UPDATED: 14:18 24 August 2019

Ed Sheeran has been criticised by grime artist Wiley, following his new video. Pictures: Zakary Walters

Ed Sheeran has been criticised by grime artist Wiley, following his new video. Pictures: Zakary Walters


Rapper Wiley has taken to Twitter to criticise Suffolk star Ed Sheeran for taking advantage of grime – joking about using a guitar and foot pedal in his own work.

The grime artist accused the Framlingham singer-songwriter of being a "clout chaser" and a "culture vulture", suggesting that he is taking advantage of the genre for his own benefit.

His twitter rant came after Sheeran and Stormzy unveiled the remix to their song Take Me Back To London, featuring grime artists Jaykae and Aitch, which Wiley has since criticised.

Ed and Stormzy released the video yesterday - ahead of the singer's opening show of his Chantry Park homecoming gigs - where fans have been speculating about the possibility of Stormzy being a special guest, along with rumours of Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift.

Wiley, 40, tweeted: "I'm sick of people using grime to look good for 2 minutes f*** Off ffs."

He then tweeted "shall I get my guitar and foot pedal out?", referring to Sheeran's live performances, including his show in Ipswich last night, where he uses a guitar and foot pedal to play his music on a loop.

He continued: "Anyone who uses us and our sounds are culture vultures... I'm getting my guitar and foot pedal out and I don't wanna hear nobody moaning about nothing."

Wiley, who previously worked with the singer on the track You from Sheeran's EP No.5 Collaborations Project in 2011, added: "Without @THEREALGHETTS and scorcher and the movement we wouldn't know Ed sheeran and neither would none of you lot."

"Ed knows this when I hear him on grime in 2019 I will have loads to say he already knew which means he knew what he was doing but £Dead Cos you don't care about grime £Folk you breaded stormzy."

"Don't come to grime if your a clout chaser and a culture vulture stay away."

He continued: "I'm not bitter I'm real and I read between the lines when others don't. I can see what some can't see. This is it."

Ed's latest album, No.6 Collaborations Project, sees the Suffolk pop star collaborate with the likes of Eminem, 50 Cent, Bruno Mars, Khalid and Dave - and also involves a shout-out to Ipswich in 'Remember The Name'.

Wiley tweeted after Stormzy came to Sheeran's defence, following Wiley's comment on their Take Me Back To London remix.

Stormzy backed Sheeran, describing the music star as genuine.

He said: "No Wiley you know Ed been doing this from early, been a real one from early, can't question that, you know I love you and respect you brother but nah don't do that."

Grime artist Jaykae was among those jumping to Sheeran's defence, tweeting: "Wiley's so sour and amped up about Ed making a grime song that he hasn't even clocked I spun his head off in my verse."

Did you see Ed in Ipswich last night? If so, what did you make of his performance? Read our review here.

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