Woman has kids with both murder accused

A WOMAN who has children with both of the men accused of Ipswich's body in the boot murder today told of her shock and devastation that they had been charged with the crime.

A WOMAN who has children with both of the men accused of Ipswich's body in the boot murder today told of her shock and devastation that they had been charged with the crime.

Jo McCarry, 27, the wife of Robert McCarry and ex-girlfriend of Paul Waters, said she thought it was a “joke” when her husband called her to tell her there was a body in Waters' boot.

Both men have been charged with murder and perverting the course of justice after allegedly driving to Ipswich police station on Saturday night with the body of 34-year-old Nicola West in the boot of their car.

Today Mrs McCarry told how she had been struggling to cope with the news and said she was drawing strength from family and friends.

She said: “Rob phoned me up and said I am going to the police station to hand myself in because there is a woman in Paul's boot.”

McCarry then had another call and hung up before he could explain to his wife what had happened.

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It wasn't until Sunday morning when she saw the news that she realised the true extent of what had happened.

She added: “When I found out police were investigating if she died in a sex game I ran into the bathroom and I threw my guts up.

“It has really shocked me. To find out that it is your own husband and that someone has died is hard.

“I have got lots of people around me supporting me and I am on compassionate leave from work.

“I keep breaking down and I have resorted to alcohol to cheer myself up.”

Her shock increased when she learnt McCarry had been living with his girlfriend in Vernon Street, Ipswich.

Mrs McCarry said: “When I found out yesterday that he had been leading a double life, one with me and our children and a life with her and her children, I was fuming.

“I'm so angry he cheated on me.”

The couple married in August 2004 and Waters was their best man.

Mrs McCarry went out with the 28-year-old several years ago for a few months and had a daughter, Holly with him.

She also has a one-year-old son Jack with McCarry.

She added: “Our little boy doesn't understand (what is happening) but my daughter Holly knows, she realised on Sunday morning when it was on the news.

“They said a man aged 28 and 35 had been arrested and they were in a green Escort. She knows how old her daddies are and she said she hadn't seen her daddy, meaning Rob.

“My daughter is coping better than I am. She is really calm and keeps giving me cuddles and telling me everything will be OK. She is so brave.”

McCarry, 35, has eight children in total aged between one and 17. He has been married three times and has known Waters for several years.

Mrs McCarry does not know how McCarry and Waters met or know Ms West, 34, who lived in Leather Bottle Hill, Little Blakenham,

BARMAID Gail Hacker was the last person to see Ms West when she left Ipswich's Punch and Judy in Cardinal Park last week.

The 28-year-old of All Saints Road, Ipswich, is Mrs McCarry's best friend and also a former girlfriend of Waters.

However both women said they did not know Ms West and do not know how she may have met McCarry and Waters.

Mrs Hacker said when she arrived at work last week McCarry was already there and was speaking to Ms West.

She said: “Rob was in there talking to her and the next thing I knew he was mooching all over her. She was a bit drunk.

“She was in the Punch, I don't know how long for.”

Mrs Hacker said Ms West had left her scarf in the pub and had been cuddling McCarry.

She said she thought the situation was a bit strange as McCarry knew his wife's best friend was working and would see them together.

Mrs Hacker only suspected something was wrong when Ms West's fiancé came into the pub looking for her.

She said: “Her bloke came in and came up to me and showed me a picture of her and said 'have you seen this woman'.

“Apparently he went to a lot of pubs to see if she had popped in.”

She put Ms West's partner in touch with Mrs McCarry and they spoke over the phone, agreeing to let each other know if they heard anything.

Police have confirmed that Ms West's fiancé reported her missing on Friday.

Mrs McCarry said she reported her husband missing over the weekend.

Mrs Hacker is now left consoling her friend but said the situation is more difficult because she knows both of the charged men.

She added: “I went out with Paul before Jo did and he seemed a really nice guy. My mum and dad and Paul's mum used to live next door to each other.”

She said the 28-year-old, of Sandpiper Road, Ipswich, was a former Chantry High School pupil and trained to be an accountant.

He has three children in total and has lived in Ipswich his whole life.

Mrs McCarry said she had been attracted to Waters, who they call “Small Paul” because of his height, because of his six-pack and said he used to be a weight lifter.

McCarry and Waters are due to appear at Ipswich Crown Court on February 22. They have not yet entered a plea.

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