Woman is blackmailing men for thousands of pounds after filming their sexual activity on Skype


- Credit: Su Anderson

Reports of men being blackmailed after committing sexual acts on webcams are being investigated by police.

And it is believed at least one person in Suffolk has been targeted, according to Suffolk Constabulary.

Officers at the force have been made aware of men being approached on social media websites such as Facebook by a woman who has then transferred the conversation to Skype.

Once on the video calling website the conversations have become more personal, the woman has undressed and she has encouraged the man to engage in sexual activity.

Soon afterwards a demand for a large sum of money has been made – often for thousands of pounds to be transferred to an account outside the UK – with the threat the footage will be released to family, friends, colleagues and the wider public if this is not paid.

Police are urging people to be careful online and to be aware of this and other online frauds.

For more information visit the Action Fraud website www.actionfraud.police.uk/fraud-az-romance-scams.

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