Woodbridge: Tiny battler Archie beats odds to be home for the New Year

WOODBRIDGE: Twice doctors told the parents of little Archie Meadows that he would not survive.

But twice the tiny battler proved them wrong and seeing him wake up in his own room for the first time today is the best festive gift the seven-month-old’s mum could ever have.

Mum Miranda Taylor, from Woodbridge, gave birth to Archie prematurely at 28 weeks and five days and he weighed just 1lb 7oz.

The first four months of his life were spent in neonatal intensive care units, and for the past three months he has been at the children’s ward at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital in Norwich.

He was allowed home to Magdalen Drive in Woodbridge on Friday just for one night but had to go back to the hospital yesterday.

Miranda, 19, has been living in a tiny room with him at the hospital, and says the past three months away from home and Archie’s dad Alex Meadows, 18, have been very hard.

She said: “He comes to visit nearly every other day. Archie’s a very happy baby.

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“It’s really sweet how happy he is.

“He was born in Addenbrooke’s Hospital and they said if he survived the birth he probably wouldn’t survive the first few days. On two occasions they told us it looked like he wasn’t going to make it.

“It’s been hard but he is worth it. At one time we didn’t think he would be here for Christmas, so we’re just so happy that he made it.”

Miranda was delighted when doctors told her on Friday that little Archie would be able to spend a night at home.

“It was just lovely to hear he was coming back because it means all the special events haven’t been completely ruined.

“Now we want to get Archie home because he doesn’t know anything other than hospital.

“I just can’t wait for him, me and his dad to be a proper family at last.”

Archie has complex problems, including a stoma, and he has to be fed intravenously.

However, doctors at the hospital hope Archie will be able to continue having occasional nights at home from now on, and could come home for good by the end of February.

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