Word on the Street: Does Ipswich need another Aldi?

Does Ipswich need another Aldi? Picture: ARCHANT

Does Ipswich need another Aldi? Picture: ARCHANT

Plans have been unveiled for a new Aldi store in Ipswich - we asked people in the town what they thought about having another budget supermarket.

If the plans are approved, it will be the fifth Aldi in Ipswich and Martlesham and will bring 50 jobs to the area.

The retailer lodged a planning application last week to develop land off Europa Way, near Sproughton Road.

Aldi already has stores in Pinewood, Rosehill Retail Centre and Meredith Road - it has also announced plans to create a store in Martlesham Heath near Kingpin.

We want to know your opinion - do you think Ipswich needs another Aldi?

If not, what would you like to see done with the land instead?

Do you think Ipswich has too many supermarkets already?

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