World's largest container ship coming to Port of Felixstowe

Potential problems on the movement of goods between Europe and the UK post-Brexit are being consider

The world's largest container ship will be docking at the Port of Felixstowe next month

The world's largest container ship will be docking into the Port of Felixstowe next month.

The Ever Ace is expected to arrive in Felixstowe on Friday, September 4 where it will dock for three days before heading off to Hamburg. 

The container ship has a capacity of 23, 992 TEU which is just 28 more than the previous record holder HMM Algeciras

The Evergreen Marine ship, which is 400 metres long and 61.5 metres wide is currently on its maiden voyage.

This comes after another of Evergreen's ships the now famous Ever Given, docked in Felixstowe earlier this month

Ever Given finally arrived in the UK after causing a blockage of the Suez Canal in March. After it was recovered the ship was detained for more than three months amid a financial dispute over £655m in compensation.

It is understood that the vessel will also be in Felixstowe again in November. 

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