Would an alcohol-free bar be a success in Ipswich?

Alcohol free bar to open in Chelmsford called Abstinence share your thoughts. Picture: ABSTINENCE

Alcohol free bar to open in Chelmsford called Abstinence share your thoughts. Picture: ABSTINENCE - Credit: Archant

An alcohol free bar is set to open its doors in Essex, we speak to people in Ipswich to hear their thoughts on the new business venture.

A new bar which is due to open in Chelmsford in December will be the first alcohol free facility of its kind in Essex.

The venue, called Abstinence, will offer a range of food which caters for everybody, live entertainment, and a bar.

Marita Hunter-Rodwell, landlady of The Woolpack, shared her thoughts on the new bar/restaurant, she said: “I think the idea of an alcohol free bar is an interesting concept. Most pubs now offer alcohol free options as the demand has really risen due to more people driving and being health conscious.

“The pub market can be a difficult one to be successful in, therefore it’s really important to offer more options. We open at 10am for morning coffee and breakfast and have found this to be really successful. I don’t think there is a need for an alcohol free bar in Ipswich, I’d suggest supporting the local businesses already open and creating something flexible for the community.”

People on the waterfront also shared their thoughts on whether it would be a success in Ipswich.

Stewart Scott, 36, said: “I think it would do really well in Ipswich, especially if it has bands and entertainment and food, that would be a good social round for everyone that’s not drinking.”

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Edward Ottley, 56, added: “I think it could go very well obviously depending on how fashionable the bar is and the sort of food that is served. It would be all down to the atmosphere but I think if you had entertainment and local bands I think that would be very good.”

To hear the interviews in full watch our video above.

What do you think about a bar that doesn’t serve alcohol? Do you think this would do well in Ipswich? What is your favourite non-alcoholic drink? We would love to hear your thoughts you can email them here, or share them with us on social media.