Would you like a yo-yo to go?

THOUSANDS more people in Ipswich are encouraged to go yo-yo mad as the world record attempt gets closer.

Naomi Cassidy

THOUSANDS more people in Ipswich are encouraged to go yo-yo mad as the world record attempt gets closer.

There will be hundreds of yo-yos given away in Debenhams' coffee shop today and Saturday to make sure as many people as possible start practicing.

Ipswich Central, which is behind the fun event in partnership with the New Wolsey Theatre, is hoping the town will beat the record of having the highest number of people simultaneously yo-yoing for two minutes.

The current record is 432 people, but with 15,000 free yo-yos being handed out to people, it is hoped this will be smashed.

A spokesman for Ipswich Central said: “We are starting to distribute 15,000 yo-yos throughout Ipswich town centre. Debenhams was one of the first to receive a large box of yo-yos and will be giving them out on Thursday and Saturday.

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“We want to get everyone practicing. If you want to register to take part in the event, log on to www.ipswichcentral.com.”

Pupils from around the county from schools including Hollesley Primary School in Woodbridge also had the chance to hone their yo-yo skills ahead of their appearance in the New Wolsey Festival of Youth Performance, Behind the Scenes at the Big Top, following to a visit from former British yo-yo champion, The Void.

Claire Castle, from Ipswich Central, said: “All the children were so enthusiastic to get yo-yoing and they loved seeing some of the amazing tricks that The Void demonstrated. Ipswich Central was so impressed by some of the children that we have signed them up for the world record attempt.”

The world record attempt will be held on Ipswich Cornhill at 2.30pm on Sunday, July 27.

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