Yet another new haircut for county chief

Highlights have been the hallmark of high-flying �220,000 Suffolk council boss Andrea Hill.

IPSWICH: Highlights have been the hallmark of high-flying �220,000 Suffolk council boss Andrea Hill.

Promotions here and there and a big job as Number One at Endeavour House have given Mrs Hill a high profile both locally and nationally.

While stressing to colleagues and outside associates that she hates the glare of publicity, a succession of expensive hair-cuts have, quite literally, give her a different set of highlights.

Our Andrea's latest “trendy” cropping caught the eye at yesterday's Suffolk county council meeting - where an Evening Star photographer was on hand to capture her … in both smiles and a grimace.

Onlookers say they have become entranced with the various styles - and how her hair changes as often as the weather.

But opinion is divided on the latest snipping and highlighting … with one person saying it was like a “bed-head-style bowl cut”.

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Andrea, who lives in Cambridgeshire and who has plenty of time to plan her latest hair move on the rather dull journeys between Suffolk and home, has had a variety of styles since she burst on to the scene in a peroxide blonde straight bob.

She was then seen with a pixie-style trim in a side parting, before growing her hair again in February, when she looked radiant in a full head of curly locks.

The colour was the next thing to change when she had auburn highlights put in before reverting to a very short crop top for the opening of a junior house at the Royal Hospital School last month.

Fashion has often been top of the agenda for the controversial boss, who took up the chief executive post last year on �70,000 more than her predecessor.

In July last year, she was spotted with a sumptuous �1,300 Prada bag when she welcomed Prince Charles and Camilla to the county.

But in between her haircuts and shopping she still finds time to work half a day a month at a council in Essex, despite stressing her total devotion to Suffolk.

What next, a top job in Barnet?

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