You can now use the new £1 coins in Ipswich council car park ticket machines

New 12-sided �1 coins. Picture: PETER BYRNE/PA WIRE

New 12-sided �1 coins. Picture: PETER BYRNE/PA WIRE - Credit: PA

All Ipswich Borough Council car park ticket machines and vending machines have been adapted to take the new £1 coin.

Issued for the first time yesterday, the new coin has 12 sides and a hidden security feature to prevent fraudsters from counterfeiting it.

Ticket machines can also take the old coin until they stop being legal tender in October.

There are more than 50 machines across the 15 short and long-stay car parks run by the council.

A spokesman said: “We had sufficient notice about the introduction of the new coin so the re-calibration of the ticket machines was all done in time.

“We have also changed the vending machines in our sports centres, swimming pools and the museum for the ease of customers, who can use both types of £1 coins until October.

“Where we have been unable to change some of the clothes lockers at our sports facilities we will keep a ready supply of old £1 coins for people to ‘swap’ so they are not inconvenienced.”