14 year old presenter wins at Community Radio Awards

14-yearold Yanis Kerampran holding a Community Radio Awards sign

Yanis Kerampran has won the Young Person of the Year Silver Award at the Community Radio Awards held in Coventry. - Credit: Yanis Kerampran

A teenage radio presenter who began his career aged 10 has been the winner at the national Community Radio Awards.

Yanis Kerampran, 14, from Ipswich won the Under 25s Young Person of the Year Silver Award at the award ceremony held in Coventry earlier this week. 

The award recognised the achievements Yanis had made producing content that engaged with his local community on his radio show ‘the Yanis Mix’ - played on Ipswich Community Radio.  

Yanis had been shortlisted last year, but narrowly missed out. This year, however, he won big which he says is down to the support he received at Ipswich Community Radio.   

He said: “I feel really grateful. It wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the trust of my community radio station for letting me go on air every week at my age.  

“Ipswich community radio is like a family; everyone is there for the same reason. I’ve received so much support from my friends and people at the station. 

"And of course, I’m really grateful for the Community Radio Awards because that is such a great opportunity that so many people can take part in."

Yanis Kerampran in his bedroom making his radio show

Yanis has his own show, the Yanis Mix, on Ipswich Community Radio - Credit: Yanis Kerampran

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Even though the young radio presenter is only 14, Yanis has been in the world of radio for a number of years – starting out when he was just 10-years-old. 

Yanis said: “When I was really young, I would record my own pre-recorded radio show from home just to play to my family.  

“It turned out we knew someone from Ipswich Community Radio. So, one day when I was 10, I visited their show and that’s how I then got in contact with ICR. I went through their training and got a show there.” 

Yanis’ show runs live every Tuesday from 5pm until 6pm and is a peak time show for those travelling home from work. He plays motivational pop and EDM music and tackles topical issues in the news.  

Yanis explains that he has big plans for the future, continuing to pursue a career in radio.  

“There’s so many different jobs and roles within radio, but I’m thinking of working for the BBC.

"I’m currently looking for opportunities for my work experience at the end of this year.” 

For more information about Yanis’ show see here

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