Youngsters have Faith in guide dog pup

Youngsters at a Felixstowe school have “adopted” Evening Star guide dog pup Faith - and are aiming to show why her name means so much.

FELIXSTOWE: Youngsters at a Felixstowe school have “adopted” Evening Star guide dog pup Faith - and are aiming to show why her name means so much.

The children of form G3 at Deben High have picked Guide Dogs for the Blind as their chosen charity for the year and are aiming to raise as much cash as possible for its work.

They will be doing a special assembly for their fellow students to explain the vital work the dogs do.

Then they will set about fundraising, including selling sets of rare metal guide dog badges, encouraging people to sponsor puppies, and to recycle ink cartridges, old phones and “treasure” - such as old coins and jewellery - from their cupboards and attics.

Puppy walker Penny Parker took Faith to meet G3, whose pupils range from 11 to 16 years, and their teacher Jacqueline Spink, to talk about the charity's work.

“It was great fun and they were really enthusiastic and interested,” said Mrs Parker.

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“They are now planning to do an assembly based on Faith's name - to show that blind people have to put their faith in a guide dog every day.

“They plan to use each letter of her name for a different part of her role - such as F for friend, A for turning disability into ability, I for independence and so on. They are really thinking about it carefully.”

Partially-sighted Sylvia Hawes is also taking her working guide dog Rhea in to meet the children.

Deben headteacher Rob Cawley said: “It's fantastic that students in form G3 have adopted Faith and committed to raising money to help support her guide dog training.

“Through working with Penny and Faith the students will learn the importance of the Guide Dogs for the Blind and the incredible relationship between a blind person and their dog.

“The focus of their fundraising will be through encouraging fellow students, staff and family members to have a good 'Spring Clean' and bring all their empty ink cartridges, old phones, treasures and jewellery into school for recycling.”

Has your family been helped by the Guide Dogs - tell us your stories about this amazing charity: write to Your Letters, Evening Star, 30 Lower Brook Street, Ipswich, IP4 1AN, or e-mail

GUIDE DOGS: How to get involved:

Puppy Faith is the latest guide dog The Evening Star is supporting - and the charity constantly needs money for its work.

If you are doing fundraising for the charity, get in touch with Richard Cornwell at the Felixstowe Newsdesk on 01394 284109 so we can help you publicise your event.

To donate, please send cheques - made payable to the Guide Dogs - to Richard Cornwell, Evening Star, 172 Hamilton Road, Felixstowe, IP11 7DU.