Ipswich fans’ disappointment as Zavvi mistakenly says they have won Champions League final tickets

Zavvi mistakenly emailed customers to tell them they had won tickets to the Champions League Final i

Zavvi mistakenly emailed customers to tell them they had won tickets to the Champions League Final in Madrid Picture: CONTRIBUTED - Credit: CONTRIBUTED

To be told that you’ve won VIP tickets to the Champions League final is just about every football fan’s dream.

But the joy for many Zavvi customers soon turned to despair when they were told it was actually a mistake - and they wouldn't be going to the big match between Liverpool and Tottenham in Madrid after all.

It later transpired that the emails addressed to individual 'winners' by the entertainment company were sent out in error due to a technical issue.

One of those to receive the email was Judy Rimmer, from Ipswich, who said: "I was very surprised to see the email saying I had won.

"It was clearly really from Zavvi, so after reading it through a couple of times I started to believe it and get excited.

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"Although I'm not a big football fan I would love to go to Spain and it would have been a great experience.

"I was also looking forward to surprising my husband with such a great trip.

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"I felt really disappointed when I realised it was all a mistake, but it would have been worse for a real football fan!"

After the mistake emerged, Zavvi initially tweeted to say: "Apologies, we're aware of the problem regarding the recent Mastercard Competition.

"We seem to have had some technical issues and we're currently looking into this."

However the company has since deleted its tweet.

A Suffolk Trading Standards spokesman said: "In this instance Zavvi made a mistake and as such cannot be expected to provide the original prize to every person that they sent the email to."

However it said people could report the matter to the Advertising Standards Authority if they are concerned.

? Were you one of those that received an email from Zavvi? Get in touch with us via the Ipswich Star Facebook page.

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