Zoo celebrates arrival of twin meerkats

KEEPERS at Colchester Zoo told of their joy today following the birth of twin Meerkats.The new arrivals were born into the larger of two meerkat mobs at the zoo.

KEEPERS at Colchester Zoo today told of their joy following the birth of twin Meerkats.

The new arrivals were born into the larger of two meerkat mobs at the zoo.

They were born to mother Tabbi, a two-year-old meerkat also born at the zoo.

The birth date of the meerkat twins is not known as they were born in a burrow but it is thought they were born in the final few days of March.

The baby meerkats were not seen by keepers until April 10 when one of the babies peered out of the burrow for the first time.

A spokesman for the zoo said: “Over the past week the twins' confidence has grown and they now spend long periods out in the enclosure with the rest of the mob.

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“They are currently about 6 inches tall and already proving to be a big hit with lucky visitors who have been able to spot them.”

The birth of the twins comes as particularly good news as Tabbi and Dande, the other female in the mob, have only recently moved in to join the males for breeding.

“The meerkat is not yet classified as an endangered species, but the expansion of the Kalahari desert due to desertification could change this in the near future” said Anthony Tropeano, Zoological Director.

“We're therefore delighted by the arrival of these twins at Colchester Zoo”