Try our Zoom challenge with your friends and family tonight

PUBLISHED: 17:00 21 November 2020 | UPDATED: 11:07 22 November 2020

How many points will you score in our Zoom challenge? Picture: Getty

How many points will you score in our Zoom challenge? Picture: Getty


Are you bored of traditional quizzes? Why not challenge your friends and relatives to some of these fun challenges that you can do via Zoom this weekend - no prep required.

The challenges can be varied to suit all ages, or you could adjust the scoring to suit a wide age range.

Before you get started, make sure all players have your phone number, select the most obscure music video clip you can find on YouTube and lay out 10 different food items on a tray.

Each player also needs: A wedge of lemon, 10 pairs of socks that fit you, a sheet of A4 paper, pen and paper, a mug and tea bag. And each family/couple needs a stack of toilet rolls.

If you are playing with multiple people in each house, ask one person from each household to do the scoring.

1: Take your sheet of paper and using nothing but your hands rip or fold your sheet into a castle shape. You have one minute. 5 points for the best castle.

2: Choose a subject ie films, fruit, actors or cars. The first player has to name an example beginning with A, the second person B and so forth. If you fail, you are out. The last two people standing get 5 points each.

3: Take a bite of your lemon - 1 point for everyone who takes a bite, three points for anyone who can eat the whole wedge.

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4: In one minute, see how many socks you can get on one foot. You get one point for each sock you get on.

5: Play your YouTube clip - the more obscure music video you can find the better. It is best to screen share for this. Each person has to text you the artist and title as soon as they work it out. The first person with the right answer to each gets 3 points.

6: The challenge master shoes everyone the contents of their food tray for two minutes, then removes it from view and asks them all to write down as many items from it as possible. Each player gets a point per item they remember.

7: All players have two minutes to gather as many items from around their home beginning with the same letter as their first name. One point for each item they bring back.

8: Simulate a sport - the most imaginative wins (provided everyone knows what it is!). Five points for the winner

9: The tea bag challenge - put your mug on the floor, take a large step away from it and try and throw the tea bag into it. You have one minute to score as amny ‘goals’ as possible. One point for each successful shot.

10: You have five minutes to find the craziest outfit you can. 10 points for the best dressed.

11: Build a tower using any spare toilet rolls you have in your house. 5 points for each member of the winning team.

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