Is the sinister Momo lurking behind your child’s favourite YouTube cartoon?

Mums from Ipswich have spoken of their fears about Momo who has been scaring their children on YouTu

Mums from Ipswich have spoken of their fears about Momo who has been scaring their children on YouTube - Credit: Screenshot

Mums from Ipswich have spoken of their shock over disturbing YouTube pop ups that show a sinister doll-like figure telling unsuspecting children how they can harm themselves and others.

The figure, known as Momo, has been appearing as young children, some just toddlers, watch cartoon favourites including Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig.

In the worrying pop ups the character is often seen stabbing people.

Some primary schools have been warning parents about the threat to children’s safety online.

Posting in the ‘Mummies, Babies & Bumps (Ipswich UK)’ Facebook group Bethany Amy said: “Have any of our Ipswich parents come across Momo? Scary to think that any children have seen this disgraceful thing.”

Worried mums responded sharing their experiences of Momo, many said they are now changing the way their children watch their favourite TV shows like Peppa Pig.

Charlie Jones said: “I asked my seven year old last night if she knew who it was and she said ‘yes it’s Momo she comes up when I’m trying to watch Paw Patrol’.”

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Chelcie Jade Creasey said: “This is horrible but it is actually happening, I’ve had to ban the boys from YouTube.”

Another mum, who did not wish to be named, said: “I’ve put a complete ban on YouTube. I usually put it on whilst I do the housework, not anymore.”

There have also been reports of Momo appearing on WhatsApp, other social media platforms and video games.

The NSPCC have issued four simple guidelines to keep children safe online.

1) Talk to your children about what they are watching online

2) Explore the online world together

3) Agree rules about what your children are allowed to do online

4)Manage your family’s online settings

If you want more advice about keeping your children safe online please visit the NSPCC website. Has your child’s school warned you about Momo? Please send us a message through the Ipswich Star Facebook page.