Adams side secures thrid straight win

BOWLS: Hemmingford and St Ives were the venues for Suffolk's Adams & Newton teams when they met Huntingdonshire.The Adams team playing at Hemmingford on Saturday managed to secure their third successive win.

HEMMINGFORD and St Ives were the venues for Suffolk's Adams & Newton teams when they met Huntingdonshire.

The Adams team playing at Hemmingford on Saturday managed to secure their third successive win.

Brian Thorpe, Peter Plummer and David Rayfield were trailing by three shots after five ends but with a count of three on the seventh end put them in the lead by one shot, a lead they maintained and increased to win their rink 31-18.

Although only being one shot in front at five ends, the Huntingdonshire trio skipped by P Reason took control of the game and increased their lead against Stuart Ayers, Ray (Jinks) Utteridge and David Brown who despite scoring on 14 of the 31 ends, lost their rink by ten shots 26-36.

A much tighter game was in prospect for David Cattermole (Thorndon), Brian Whatling and Kelly Farman. They managed a three and four-shot lead up to the 28th end. They then lost a count of two for the Huntingdonshire trio to get on level terms and score on the remaining three ends to win the rink for Hunts 23-27.

Suffolk enjoyed a 34-22 score through Mark Moore, Stephen Creasey and Andrew Burch who scored a count of five on the eighth end to make the game all square at eight-all, but from that point they took the lead and increased it to win another valuable two points for Suffolk.

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A single on the first end gave Jimmy Summons, Nimbus Bunn and Joe Bugg the lead which they retained to win their rink 35-20.

Ian Anderson, David Cattermole (Stradbroke) and Rob Felgate were never in any real trouble as they scored on 20 of the 31 ends to win their rink 39-13 and also the presentation spoons.

End summary (Suffolk first): Five ends 28-19; Ten ends 60-48; 15 ends 92-67; 20 ends 129-83; 25 ends 162-106; 31 ends 186-136. Suffolk 18 points, Huntingdonshire four points.

THE Newton team at St Ives also recorded their third successive win.

Richard Parker, Barry Harper and Errol Feaveayear all had an outstanding game and scored on 20 of the 31 ends to record a 38-16 win for Suffolk.

It was the same story for Jonnie Nixon, Clive Baker and David Canfer who also scored on 20 ends for a comfortable 42-18 win and the presentation spoons.

Dennis Ayers, Nigel Coote and Lee Garwood will be happy if they do not have any repeat performances of this one against the Hunts trio skipped by the home club man G Barlow.

Out of the 11 ends the Suffolk trio scored on, they could only muster a total of 17 shots against their opponents' 40.

After ten ends, 11-11 was the score for Kevin Curl, Alan Brunton and Chris McIntyre, but at 20 ends they were trailing by five shots. However, positional changes by Curl and McIntyre proved positive as they pulled the five shots back plus two more to win the rink 30-28.

A count of two on the first end gave Stephen Utteridge, Gerald Coles and Billy Elliston the lead. They won their rink 36-19.

There was a tight game on rink six for Mark Cole, Mick Page and Willy Wright who after 20 ends were all square at 15-15. At 25 ends they had a 21-19 lead, but in the final six ends they lost eight shots to two to lose the rink by 23-27.

Ends summary (Suffolk first): Five ends 34-16; Ten ends 61-47; 15 ends 91-78; 20 ends 117-100; 25 ends 151-126; 31 ends 186-148.

Suffolk 18 points, Huntingdonshire four points.

ON Saturday, Lincolnshire are the visitors to British Sugar and St Edmundsbury and a tough game is on the cards for both teams. Lincolnshire and Suffolk have been going strong in the competition, but Suffolk must win both games to stay in the hunt. The games start at 2pm and some good bowling is in prospect.

The Suffolk selectors have named unchanged teams.

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