Average issues continue to prove a headache for Gino

Gino Manzares is animated as he chats with teammate Danny King during the Ipswich v Redcar (Premier

Gino Manzares is animated as he chats with teammate Danny King during the Ipswich v Redcar (Premier League) meeting at Foxhall Stadium, Ipswich, Suffolk, UK on 30 May 2015. Picture: Steve Waller - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

Ipswich Witches American star Gino Manzares admits it’s proving a real headache for him to obtain a seven-point average and a guaranteed visa to race in Britain next year.

A seven-point average is what Manzares would need to obtain in the Premier League to guarantee himself a permit back to the UK in 2016.

And while most meetings his scores are close to that, with bonus points not counting towards his average, he is currently falling short, averaging just 5.70.

Ahead of tonight’s Witches clash at Foxhall Stadium, at home to Rye House (7.30pm start), Manzares spoke of his frustrations over the visa issue.

“People tell me not to worry about it, but I worry about it all the time,” he said.

“I need to have a seven-point average by the end of the season but it is going to be so hard for me to obtain.

“There may have been a way for me to guarantee myself a place with the national championships in America, but because of my injury I’ve missed two of the rounds.”

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Manzares still has plenty of time this season to up his game and he accepts much of it is down to him.

“I need to pull my finger out, simple as that. I want to be back in Britain 2016, 100%, so I need to get going.”

Manzares has come back well from a shoulder injury which kept him out for six weeks.

He has hit a steady run of form, but knows he needs to do more.

“Sure, I’m riding ok, but I’m not happy with my racing.

“I can do better,” he said.

Tonight, the Witches race a Rye House side who have been hit by injury and unavailability.

The Rockets have been nudging back towards being able to field their full declared one-to-seven with the signing of Danny Maassen and the return to fitness of Anders Mellgren. But both Mellgren and Robin Aspegren will be missing in Suffolk tonight through Swedish league duties.

With Kasper Lykke still absent with a broken collarbone, the Rockets have called on Kyle Hughes – a Rye House Raider – and former Witch Adam Ellis as guests, and will cover their third absence with rider-replacement.

Rye House team manager John Sampford admits: “It will be a difficult match on Thursday with three riders missing, but we’ll give it our best shot.”

Tonight’s teams

Ipswich: Danny King 9.57, 2. Cameron Heeps 6.24, 3. Gino Manzares 5.70, 4. Rohan Tungate 7.08, 5. Nico Covatti 6.68, 6. Stefan Nielsen 4.17, 7. Ashley Morris 4.00

Rye House: 1. Edward Kennett 7.87, 2. R/R, 3, Kyle Hughes, 4. Adam Ellis, 5. Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen 7.39, 6.Daniel Greenwood 3.00, 7. Danny Maassen 5.00

n Witches riders Stefan Nielsen and Ashley Morris have been selected in British Youth manager Neil Vatcher’s eight-man squad for the FIM World Under-21 Team Cup semi-final in Gustrow, Germany on August 22.

Vatcher has confirmed captain Kyle Howarth and teenage sensation Robert Lambert will definitely be in the final four, with the remaining two places to be selected from: Adam Ellis, Nielsen, Josh Bates, Morris, Max Clegg and Zach Wajtknecht.

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