Close contest for young swimmers

VICTORY belongs in the hands of Woodbridge this week following a closely fought gala for Deben swimmers.The team spectacularly held on to their home trophy – the John Perry Shield – in a tense and well supported event on Saturday.

VICTORY belongs in the hands of Woodbridge this week following a closely fought gala for Deben swimmers.

The team spectacularly held on to their home trophy – the John Perry Shield – in a tense and well supported event on Saturday.

Just three clubs lined up for the start of the weekend gala, having faced the last minute withdrawal of two other anticipated away teams.

Wins came thick and fast for the Deben swimmers, with times sent falling throughout the night.

For much of the event the points tally remained close alongside east Suffolk rivals Leiston.

However, the night belonged to the Woodbridge club and the team's swimmers gave a strong second-half collective performance to pull ever nearer the final triumph.

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Impressive swims came in particular from Deben's young contingent, with many having only completed a handful of galas so far.

Both Katie Stokes and Anya Hawkins deserve congratulations for convincing wins in their respective 25m Breastroke and backstroke swims. At just nine-years-old both showed great promise and determination.

Also strong on the girls' side was Ruth McElvanney – victorious in the 12 years breaststroke – and Beth Golding – winner in the 12 years freestyle.

Oliver Jones, Mark Stevens and Adam Peak were among the winning entrants on the boys' team.

Final Results:

Deben 127 points, Leiston 109 points and Halstead 81 points.


Breaststroke :25m - 9yrs Katie Stokes 25.57 (1) 50m - 10yrs Jade Horsman 54.80 (2),11yrs Emily Prior 46.77 (1), 12yrs Ruth McElvanney 43.51 (1). Backstroke :25m –9yrs Anya Hawkins 26.20 (1),50m – 10yrs Emily Phipps 1:00.01 (3) 11yrs Louise Duffy 44.07 (2).Butterfly : 25m – 10yrs Alice Mayhew 26.32 (3)11yrs Beth Scott 16.92 (2)12yrs Megan Price 43.73 (2).Freestyle : 25m – 9yrs Francesca Ridley 22.13 (3) 50m – 10yrs Fenella Foskett 41.74(2) 11yrs Emma Larkman 32.92 (2) 12yrs Beth Golding 33.86 (1).


Breaststroke – 25m –9yrs Oliver Jones 25.95 {1} 50m - 11yrs Josh Mayhew 49.39{1} 12yrs Nicholas Minns 49.30 {3} Backstroke - 25m - 9yrs Robert Marshall 25.39 {1}

50m - 10yrs James Attwater 49.36 {2} 11yrs Adam Peak 42.42 {1} 12yrs Mark Stevens 34.67 {1} Butterfly 25m – 10yrs Billy Meadows 22.06 {2}

11yrs Ben Davies 16.48 {1} 50m -12yrs Mark Stevens 31.80 Freestyle 25m – 9yrs Christopher Gibbs 20.06 {2} 50m - 10yrs James Attwater 42.70 {3} 11yrs Jacob Daws 36.92 {1} 12yrs Jonathon Crisp 33.09 {1}

SCHOOLGIRL Abby Maynard has proved her impressive form, after sensationally smashing two meet records at the Diss Otters Open Gala.

The youngster was one of a trio of Ipswich swimmers who sent the standing Diss times falling. The other victorious competitors were James Freezer and Eliza Calver.

Twelve-year-old Maynard broke records in the 50m butterfly and 4 x 25m I.M at the event, while 14-year-old Elisa Calver had her success in the 50m backstroke and James Freezer broke two meet records in the 50m breaststroke and 4 x 25m I.M for the 17 and over age group.

Kimberly Maskell and Michael Pugh – fellow Ipswich swimmers – also set records for individual events which were new to the gala this year.

Ipswich finished second with 218 points behind Waveney who had 267 points. 3rd Gt Yarmouth 193 pts, 4th Norwich Swans 141 pts, 5th Diss 139 pts, 6th Stowmarket 137 pts, 7th Dereham 123 pts, 8th Thetford 85 pts, 9th Hadleigh 40 pts, 10th Norwich Penguins 32 pts, 11th Sydney Seals 23 pts, 12th Framlingham 22 pts.

Ipswich Results.

Girls 10 years: Kathryn Watson, 6th 50m backstroke 44.94, 5th 50m butterfly 48.52 P.B, 7th 4 x 25m I.M 1.41.89 P.B, 8th 50m breaststroke 53.97 and 6th 50m freestyle 39.86 P.B. Deborah Pugh, 11th 50m back 47.46 P.B, 7th 50m fly 52.53 P.B, 8th 4 x 25m I.M 1.44.13 P.B 7th 50m breast 52.41 and 9th 50m free 43.11.

Girls 11 years: Kimberly Maskell, 1st 50m breast 42.22, 2nd 50m free 31.97 P.B, 3rd 50m back 38.98 P.B, 1st 50m fly 37.07 and 1st 4 x 25m I.M 1.22.16 P.B. Amy Swallow, 2nd breast 42.88 P.B, 8th 50m free 37.23 P.B, 5th 50m back 41.21, 9th 50m fly 49.65 P.B and 6th 4 x 25m I.M 1.31.81 P.B. Amelia Gillingham, 11th 50m breast 51.73 P.B, 13th 50m free 40.60, 9th 50m back 45.49, 11th 50m fly 58.13 and 11th 4 x 25m I.M 1.46.65 P.B.

Girls 12 years: Abby Maynard, 1st 50m fly 34.31 P.B and NMR, 1st 4 x 25m I.M 1.17.75 P.B and NMR, 1st 50m breast 40.23 P.B, 1st 50m free 32.03 P.B, 1st 50m back 36.32 P.B. Samantha Berry, 2nd 50m fly 36.35 P.B, 7th 4 x 25m I.M 1.25.94 P.B, 10th 50m breast 48.08, 3rd 50m free 33.20 P.B and 5th 50m back 41.08 P.B. Stephanie Calver, 6th 50m fly 38.99 P.B, 6th 4 x 25 I.M 1.25.73, 11th 50m breast 49.42 P.B, 2nd 50m free 32.25 P.B and 2nd 50m back 38.57. Emma Glenddenning, 5th 4 x 25m I.M 1.25.05 P.B, 9th 50m breast 47.01 P.B, 6th 50m free 34.10 and 3rd 50m back 39.06.

Girls 14 years: Elisa Calver, 1st 4 x 25m I.M 1.15.36, 8th 50m breast 43.91, 1st 50m free 30.88, 1st 50m back 33.46 NMR and 1st 50m fly 34.30. Hannah Wood, 2nd 4 x 25m I.M 1.19.00, 6th 50m breast 43.31, 3rd 50m free 31.60, 5th 50m back 37.90 and 2nd 50m fly 34.84.

Girls 15/16 years: Emma Alderton, 4th 50m back 36.73, 4th 50m fly 38.32, 5th 4 x 25m I.M 1.25.96, 5th 50m breast 50.05 and 6th 50m free 34.96. Vicki Robins, 6th 50m back 40.12 P.B, 5th 50m fly 39.38 P.B, 4th 50m breast 44.81 P.B, 4th 50m free 33.59.

Boys 13 years: Michael Pugh, 7th 50m free 30.85, 1st 50m back 35.67, 1st 50m fly 33.65, 3rd 4 x 25m I.M 1.16.23 P.B and 4th 50m breast 40.71. Gavin Barker, 13th 50m free P.B, 11th 50m fly 47.67 P.B and 6th 50m breast 45.06 P.B.

Boys 14 years: Simon Cullum, 8th 4 x 25m I.M 1.24.07 P.B, 9th 50m free 33.18, 6th 50m back 37.64 and 9th 50m fly 41.75.

Men's 17 years and over: James Freezer, 1st 50m breast 32.52 NMR, 3rd 50m free 26.54 P.B, 2nd 50m back 31.73 P.B, 1st 50m fly 29.33 P.B and 1st 4 x 25m I.M 1.04.29 P.B. Daniel Cullum, 5th 50m free 27.94, 4th 50m back 33.73, 5th 50m fly 30.65 and 6th 4 x 25m I.M 1.11.65.

P.B = Personal Best Time. NMR = New Meet Record.

IPSWICH swimmers put in some impressive performances at the Runnymede Open Autumn Sprint Graded Gala.

The event, staged for 9-13 year old swimmers, gives an early competitive opportunity to young club members in a fun environment.

Entries are strictly limited to a small number of competing clubs, making it easier for coaches to give youngsters their first gala swim.

Each race except for the 9-year-old events had stringent time limits applied and any swimmer who achieved a time faster than the time limit received a speeding ticket as a record of their achievement.

The six fastest swimmers with in the published time limit in each age group for all events received awards.

Ipswich's Samantha Berry, Grace Williams, Catherine Worsfold, Ben Wood, Deborah Pugh and Lydia Williams all took their place on the winner's rostrum in their individual events, with many other swimmers achieving personal best times.

Clubs swimming alongside Ipswich included Romford Town, Canvey Island, Borough of Southend and Runnymede.


9 year old boys: James Poole, 25m freestyle 3rd 17.86 P.B, 25m butterfly 2nd 22.12 P.B, 25m backstroke 3rd 21.56 P.B and 25m breaststroke 8th 25.88 P.B. Nicholas Fisher, 25m freestyle 5th 18.02 P.B, 25m backstroke 12th 23.53 P.B and 25m breaststroke 4th 24.32 P.B.

11-year-old boys: Ben Wood, 50m backstroke 1st 44.56 P.B, 50m freestyle 6th 39.42 P.B and 50m breaststroke 7th 52.22. Stuart Gilson, 50m backstroke 12th 53.42, 50m freestyle 10th 43.78, 50m butterfly 3rd 46.63 P.B and 50m breaststroke 9th 52.56.

9-year-old girls: Rachel Andvig, 25m butterfly 3rd 20.88 P.B, 25m breaststroke 8th 25.03 P.B, 25m freestyle 9th 18.90 P.B and 25m backstroke 7th 23.06. Grace Williams, 25m butterfly 4th 21.07 P.B, 25m breaststroke 15th 26.41, 25m freestyle 3rd 17.63 and 25m backstroke 1st 20.52 P.B. Chloe Bilner, 25m butterfly 12th 23.62 P.B, 25m breaststroke 21st 27.84 P.B, 25m freestyle 17th 21.45 P.B and 25m backstroke 14th 24.39 P.B. April Hyam, 25m butterfly 13th 23.81 P.B, 25m breaststroke 5th 24.89 P.B, 25m freestyle 11th 19.69 and 25m backstroke 10th 23.63. Lilly Tricker, 25m butterfly 17th 27.09 P.B, 25m breaststroke 22nd 28.89 P.B, 25m freestyle 20th 22.43 and 25m backstroke 19th 26.58.

10 year old girls: Deborah Pugh, 50m breaststroke 1st 51.19, 50m butterfly 12th 54.22, 50m backstroke 14th 50.69 and 50m freestyle 12th 43.69 P.B. Kathryn Watson, 50m butterfly 3rd 46.50 P.B, 50m backstroke 2nd 45.03 P.B and 50m freestyle 9th 41.25 P.B.


11 year old girls: Hannah Bailey, 50m breaststroke 6th 49.50 P.B, 50m butterfly 13th 54.25 P.B, 50m backstroke 13th 51.31 and 50m freestyle 19th 43.56 P.B. Grace Tricker, 50m breaststroke 10th 51.65 P.B, 50m butterfly 12th 54.09, 50m backstroke 7th 46.09 P.B and 50m freestyle 16th 41.56 P.B. Lydia Williams, 50m breaststroke 11th 51.72 P.B, 50m butterfly 6th 46.75 P.B, 50m backstroke 1st 42.03 and 50m freestyle 3rd 37.72. Alexandra Boosey, 50m breaststroke 14th 52.92 P.B and 50m freestyle 7th 39.00 P.B.

12-year-old girls: Samantha Berry, 50m breaststroke 3rd 46.14 P.B, 50m butterfly 1st37.59 P.B and 50m backstroke 1st 41.34.

13-year-old girls: Sarah Gilson, 50m breaststroke 2nd 44.98, 50m butterfly 6th 42.82, 50m backstroke 6th 41.45 and 50m freestyle 4th 34.44. Catherine Worsfold, 50m breaststroke 7th 45.66 P.B, 50m butterfly 5th 40.85, 50m backstroke 1st 39.41 P.B and 50m freestyle 7th 36.01 P.B. Helen Powley, 50m breaststroke 9th 47.50 P.B, 50m butterfly 4th 39.19 P.B, 50m backstroke 3rd 39.75 P.B and 50m freestyle 2nd 33.32 P.B.


STOWMARKET youngster Jessica Beatty has clinched nine medals in just two days of pool-based competition.

Taking part in both the Diss and Rugby galas at the weekend, 14-year old Beatty put in some impressive performances to take two first places, a third and a fourth at Rugby, while the previous day at Diss she claimed two seconds, a third, a fourth and a sixth place.

Stowmarket swimming club had a number of members competing in the two sprint galas and the swimmers convincingly managed to bring another haul of medals back to the Mid-Suffolk leisure centre.

Suffolk County swimmer Sarah Goddard re-affirmed her dominance of the backstroke at Diss with a strong gold medal in the over 17 year age group to join a gold in the individual medley, a gold in the freestyle and a fifth in the butterfly.

Ten-year-old Chloe Ford brought home her first competitive medals from Rugby achieving a very creditable 5th place in the 50m freestyle and a 6th place in the 100m individual medley.

Other medallists at Rugby included Adam Batchelor (3rd back, 5th IM, 5th fly), Adam Duszynski (5th back, 6th free, 6th IM), Adrian Bird (2nd fly, 6th back), Joshua McMullan (3rd breast, 3rd back, 4th free, 4th IM, 5th fly), Amanda King (2nd IM, 5th breast, 5th fly, 5th free), Tanya Watling (6th IM), Emma Carter (3rd IM, 6th fly), Nicola Prowse (6th free). Stowmarket came fourth in the inter-club competition.

At Diss a larger squad achieved sixth place. Medallist included James King (6th breast, 5th free), Marc Offord (4th IM, 1st breast, 3rd free), Oliver Drew (5th IM, 6th free, 5th back, 50 fly), Lawrence Howes (3rd back, 2nd fly), Kieran Clement-Smith (4th back, 6th fly, 5th IM, 4th breast), James Mockford (6th back, 6th IM, 5th breast), Hannah Stockley (2nd back, 6th fly), Hayley Goddard (5th back, 3rd IM, 3rd free), Jo Freezer (3rd breast, 4th free), James Ellis (6th breast, 6th free, 5th IM), Troy Lynch (4th free, 2nd fly), Sarah Christian (3rd fly, 4th IM, 3rd breast, 5th free), Julie Edwards (5th fly).

Nick Minns, Stowmarket Coach said, "I felt that both meets provided our swimmers with an appropriate level of competition at this stage in the training programme.

"Personal best times are being consistently produced – which is how it should be at this time of the year."

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