'Don't write me off' - Witches rider 'making progress' after breaking eight ribs

Jason Crump in the pits at King's Lynn ahead of the meeting.

Glad he returned to speedway, despite his current injury, Jason Crump - Credit: Steve Waller -www.stephenwaller.com

Jason Crump has said, 'don't write me off', as he continues his recovery from eight broken ribs he suffered at Wolverhampton last week.

The Australian 45-year-old three-time world champion, who has returned to the sport after an eight-year break, crashed heavily in the midlands and although he is setting no time-frame as yet for his return, he will be back.

"I had to be prepared before I started up again, I might get injured," the Ipswich Witches No.1 said.

"No-one wants to get injured, but that's the risk. I'm ready to stick with it.

"I'm sure there were many people who saw the news from Wolverhampton when it came through that I'd broken ribs, ready to write me off.

"Well, I can assure them, that's not the case. Don't write me off."

Jason Crump looks uncomfortable as he walks away from a heavy crash in heat 13.

Jason Crump looks uncomfortable as he walks away from his heavy crash in heat 13. - Credit: Steve Waller-www.stephenwaller.c

Crump is undergoing intensive treatment on his broken ribs in Derby with specialists. He admits the treatment is coming along well.

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"I'm honestly feeling better this week than I imagined I would," he said. "I'm sourcing the people I think can help me get fit and be back on my bike again.

"But I'm 45, not 25 and although I'm reasonably fit for a 45-year-old, I know I'm not going to heal like I did 20 years ago."

Promoter Chris Louis and team manager Ritchie Hawkins talk tactics in the sun ahead of the meeting.

Ipswich Witches owner Chris Louis, left and team boss Ritchie Hawkins - Credit: Steve Waller -www.stephenwaller.com

So, has he set a return date?

"No. I can't give Chris (Louis) a number just yet. But hopefully this time next week we'll have a date and target and stick to that. I'm making progress.

"I'm really happy at Ipswich. The first meeting at King's Lynn for me wasn't great, I just hoped people understood I was under a fair bit of pressure, not from anyone at Ipswich, but from myself, as I stepped back into British Speedway after so long.

"I was glad to get that night over."

Craig Cook and Jason Crump fly from the tapes in heat 13 of King's Lynn's defeat to Ipswich. Picture

Craig Cook and Jason Crump fly from the tapes in heat 13 of King's Lynn's defeat to Ipswich. Cook was dropped from the Lynn side after Lynn lost this and their next home meeting. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: Archant

Since then, Crump has steadily progressed and top-scored in the Witches win over Sheffield just before his crash at Wolves.

"Against Sheffield I'd made a couple of mechanical changes, had a few meetings and I felt I was finding my feet," he said.

"At Wolves I used a set-up I'd used at Wolves for ever and a day. But I realised after a couple of races I needed to make changes, which I did. I had a good win over Rory Schlein, then the crash.

"But I'm loving it, having a ball and am only taking positives from the way I'm going and progressing."


Jake Allen leads at Belle Vue on Monday night, but the Witches were well beaten. - Credit: Taylor Lanning

The Witches have certainly missed Crump's influence on and off the track since that Wolverhampton meeting.

They lost at home to Lynn last Thursday, then were well beaten at Belle Vue on Monday.

Tonight they entertain Peterborough.

1. R/R for Jason Crump 8.00 2. Paul Starke 4.27 3. Danny King 6.85 © 4. Jake Allen 5.70 5. Craig Cook 7.59 6. Anders Rowe 3.00 7. Drew Kemp (RS). Team Manager: Ritchie Hawkins

PETERBOROUGH: 1. Bjarne Pedersen 6.91 2. Hans Andersen 5.79 3. Michael Palm Toft 6.30 4. Scott Nicholls 5.36 © 5. Chris Harris 6.01 6. Jordan Palin (RS) 7. Ulrich Ostergaard 4.00. Team Manager: Rob Lyon

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