Danny King column: You’re on 10 minutes, you’re on 10 minutes! And again the ice-cream flowed

Here I am enjoying a cup of tea with Annie, who owns the Fat Cat in Ipswich with husband John. Me an

Here I am enjoying a cup of tea with Annie, who owns the Fat Cat in Ipswich with husband John. Me and Ritchie Hawkins beat John and Cameron Heeps earlier in the day at golf! - Credit: Archant

So much for speedway being a summer sport.

Ipswich Witches boys on the truck after their fine win at Scunthorpe

Ipswich Witches boys on the truck after their fine win at Scunthorpe - Credit: Archant

I’ve had three rain-offs in three days since we last spoke. I know, incredible isn’t it?

In fact I can’t remember the last time - if ever - I’ve had three rain-offs on the spin like that.

It all started last Wednesday and our meeting with Sheffield being cancelled - at 10am - because the forecast was so bad.

It was funny really because me and Ritche Hawkins were playing golf against John Keatley, owner of the Fat Cat in Ipswich, and Cameron Heeps, my fellow Witches team-mate, that day.

We had arranged the game ahead of the Sheffield meeting, in Ipswich, and all was going well. We played at Purdis Heath Golf Club – a fine course.

The sun was shining, shirt-sleeves weather to be honest. It was quite strange to receive a phone call from Chris Louis at 10am while me and Ritchie were applying our sun cream ahead of the golf, that our meeting was off because of the weather!

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Now, I must admit, there had been a lot of rain overnight but as we continued our golf match, the decision not to race was beginning to seem a tad strange.

Lewis Kerr, in great form for Scunthorpe on Sunday.

Lewis Kerr, in great form for Scunthorpe on Sunday. - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

Still, we had faith in the boss, as me and Ritchie came back from a dodgy start against John and Cam, who were two up after two holes, to win 7&6.

Yes, I did say 7&6. Some would call us the ‘bandit brothers’ as we won about 11 holes on the bounce after our slow start. Still, it was fun... And, yes, when we finished, still the sun was shining.

We went back to John’s house where his lovely wife Annie sorted us out with lunch and a mug of tea and began our trip back to Peterborough.

As we left Ipswich, we hit the rain! Good decision Chris, I believe it was pelting down by 7.30pm at Foxhall Stadium.

So, it was all up to Sheffield the next night where the weather forecast wasn’t quite as dire.

Indeed it was all a bit odd to be honest. I arrived at Owlerton at 5.30pm and it was a bit overcast, nothing more.

My golfing pal Ritchie Hawkins, right, talks to Chris Louis.

My golfing pal Ritchie Hawkins, right, talks to Chris Louis. - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

We did the track walk and there were a few spits of rain.

We got the bikes ready and then about 7pm, it started to rain. But even then we didn’t think anything of it. It was decided to skip parade and go straight into heat one.... But first, ‘just give it 10 minutes’. And then we all played, what I call, the 10-minute game!

‘Let’s give it another 10 minutes’, we were told, and then, ‘let’s give it another 10 minutes’. OK, ‘let’s just give it another 10 minutes’.

By the time it got to 8.10pm and it still hadn’t stopped raining, it was called off – no surprise there!

Two rain-offs in two days, I couldn’t be so unlucky a third time, surely?

Berwick Bandits had asked me to guest for them at Peterborough Panthers on Friday night. Fortunately not too far for me to travel and again I got there at 5.30pm. It was a bit damp, but nothing serious... And then it rained!

Oh, it chucked it down, there was no chance of getting the meeting on. I went home and had cheese on toast!

After a chilled-out Saturday, it was all systems go for the Witches trip to Scunthorpe on Sunday.

I was looking forward to it, but before I could worry about making flying starts from the tapes, I had a children’s party to attend!

Yes, folks, I was bouncing happily in the ‘Jungle Gym’ at 11am on Sunday morning as the jelly and ice-cream flowed. I must admit it was great fun! But everything was already in order and I headed to Scunthorpe none the worse for my ‘Jungle Gym’ capers!

And what an afternoon it turned out to be.

Scunthorpe is never an easy place to go but all the boys stuck at it. I was delighted to get a 15-pt. max and with Rory Schlein we got a 5-1 in heat 13, before Rory passed the impressive Lewis Kerr in the final race as we sealed the points. We needed that win.

There were starting to get too many away meetings where we were picking up nothing, not even a point. Now we have picked up seven in the last two (Eight, Chris Louis said it should have been!)

Can I just say what a thrill it was to see so many Ipswich fans at Scunny. You guys were fantastic and we all commented on the truck at the end about how great it was for us to pull that result out for you guys on the first bend who had come to support us.

On Saturday night we head to Workington in what is a huge meeting for both teams.

Workington is a big track and while I ride a 56-tooth sprocket at Ipswich, I’ll be putting the 60 on for Workington.

The smaller the sprocket the more the wheels spins and makes the bike easier to handle.

The bigger the sprocket the more straight-line speed.

For example, if I rode my 56 sprocket which I use at Ipswich, at Workington, then it would be like me driving a car in third gear at about 80mph, with the engine screaming to change up a gear!

I enjoyed a quick practice at Leicester on Tuesday.

I have had a couple of poor meetings at Leicester and want to put it right. We are lucky to be able to get so much practice in. I always take advantage and I was joined by Danny Ayres and Jason Garrity.

So, as I said, we are at Workington tomorrow night. That will be tough, but we are all in good spirits and confidence is high. I still say we can win anywhere. Let’s hope I’m right. See you at Foxhall next Thursday