Deben do well at Suffolk County Championships

Several personal bests and a number of East Region qualifying times were gained by Deben Swimming Club at the Suffolk County Championships.

Abigail Webb (9-11 years) took bronze in the girls’ 50m freestyle (32.66pb).

Thomas Beagley (9-11 years) won silver in the 50m breaststroke final (41.25). Charlie Fulcher and Nick Elmer were third and sixth (12-14 breaststroke final).

Adam Last (15yrs-over) notched silver in the breaststroke final, before Becki Merrill (10-yrs) claimed second in the 400m IM. Lewis Moore, 10, came second in the 400m freestyle in 5.33.04 – a regional qualifying time (ERQT).

In the same race, Nick Elmer, 14, was fifth (4.33.66 & ERQT), Todd Last in eighth and Sam Allen tenth. Kieran Whight, 15 was sixth in 4.25.28.

Annabelle Mace (13 yrs) raced to a new best time of 1.15.76 in the 100m butterfly, coming fourth.

In the 100m breaststroke Charlie Fulcher and Nick Elmer (14 yrs) were fifth and sixth respectively, with Charlie sixth in the final

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Adam Last (15 yrs-over) took bronze in the breaststroke final. Conor Lynch was sixth (1.16.38pb).

In the girls’ 200m breaststroke, Becki Merrill (10yrs) finished second place (3.20.14 pb) and Caitlin Russell (14-yrs) was second in 2.51.51 (ERQT and pb). Bethany Elmer (15-16) came first in a time of 2.44.04 (ERQT).

In the boys’ 200m backstroke (10-yrs), Lewis Moore claimed a regional time of 2.59.52 finishing second, while Nick Elmer (14yrs) was second in the backstroke in 2.21.57 (ERQT).

Joseph Brierly (11yrs) was second in boys’ 50m backstroke semi-final, but won gold with a time of 34.45 in the final.

Abigail Webb took her second bronze, in the 50m butterfly final.

In the boys’ 200m butterfly, Lewis Moore, 10, was first in 3.39.59; while Todd Last, 14, came second. Kieran Whight (15-16) finished third in 2.20.85 (ERQT).

In the girls’ 100m backstroke, Abigail Hill (14 yrs) was third.

The boys’ 100m freestyle saw Nick Elmer (14 yrs) third in the final.

Sam Allen (14-years), achieved his first ever regional qualifying time in the 100m freestyle.

In the girls’ 200m freestyle, Becki Merrill (10yrs) was third in 2.42.09pb. Isabelle Wickens (11 yrs), finished fifth (2.37.83 pb).

Georgina Fulcher (12yrs) was sixth, gaining a regional qualifying time (ERQT).

In the boys’ 200 IM, Lewis Moore (10 yrs) was second in 3.04.21(ERQT). Joseph Brierly (12 yrs) came fourth in 2.52.13.

Nick Elmer (14yrs) was second with a pb of 2.24.43 (ERQT).