Exhausted swimmers in open gala

Ipswich Swimming Club held their 16th Junior Open Meet at Crown Pools and the event ran extremely smoothly. Over 300 swimmers took part, representing 25 different clubs.

Ipswich Swimming Club held their 16th Junior Open Meet at Crown Pools and the event ran extremely smoothly.

Over 300 swimmers took part, representing 25 different clubs.

The day was split into three sessions, starting at 8.30am and roughly finishing at 8.30pm with most swimmers competing in all sessions. The ten year olds were competing in 50m races with finals held during the same session, this was the same for the eleven to sixteen year olds who were competing in 100m events so by the end of the evening there were some very exhausted children.

There were some fantastic times achieved with swimmers, especially the younger ones, knocking many seconds off their personal best times.



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Girls 10 yrs 50m Butterfly, 27th Amelia Gillingham 59.29 P.B, 23rd Alexandra Boosey 55.39 P.B, 19th Sally Nixon 51.74, 4th Kimberley Maskell 39.44 P.B, 2nd Grace Calver 38.82 P.B. Boys 10yrs 50m Butterfly, 10th Christopher Budd 50.23 P.B, 5th Andrew Bigley 42.33. Girls 11/12 yrs 100m Backstroke, 43rd Kathryn Hogan 1:36.04 P.B, 41st Samantha Berry 1:34.22 P.B, 36th Helen Powley 1:32.72, 34th Sarah Gilson 1:31.39, 31st Abby Maynard 1:29.74 P.B, 30th Catherine Worsfold 1:29.18 P.B, 29th Stephanie Calver 1:28.41 P.B, 23rd Sophie Poole 1:24.78 P.B, 19th Rebecca Harris 1:22.89 P.B, 14th Emily Thorrington 1:21.77 P.B, 13th Eleanor Calver 1:21.25 P.B, 6th Rachel Keeley 1:18.08 P.B. Boys 11/12 yrs 100m Backstroke, 33rd Samuel Smith 1:34.77 P.B, 30th Andrew Cleeve 1:30.67 P.B, 27th Tom Taylor 1:30.14 P.B, 23rd Chris Taylor 1:28.06 P.B, 15th Tim Price 1:23.19 P.B, 14th Harry Blau 1:23.16 P.B, 8th Robert Nixon Heat 1:20.62 P.B Final1:21.90, 7th Michael Pugh Heat 1:18.83 P.B  Final1:20.05, 6th William Boosey Heat 1:18.90 Final 1:19.97. Girls 13/14 yrs 100m Breaststroke, 35th Sheena Duff 1:39.66, 33rd Katherine Budd 1:39.39 P.B, 24th Victoria Robins 1:36.70 P.B, 21st Hannah Wood 1:34.67, 2nd Claire Worsfold 1:24.37, 1st Alice Calver 1:24.37. Boys 13/14 yrs 100m Butterfly, 26th Simon Cullum 1:41.81 P.B. Girls 15/16 yrs 100m Breaststroke, 13th Michele North 1:38.13, 10th Vikki Keeley 1:32.11, 8th Carly Smith 1:29.22. Girls 13/14 yrs 100m Backstroke, 44th Katherine Budd 1:33.70 P.B, 38th Sheena Duff 1:30.12, 37th Victoria Robins 1:29.02, 12th Hannah Wood 1:18.75, 10th Claire Worsfold 1:18.33, 6th Emma Alderton Heat 1:15.82 P.B Final 1:16.94, 4th Alice Calver 1: 15.61, 3rd Elisa Calver Heat 1:13.72 P.B Final 1:14.47, 2nd Abbie Thorrington 1:13.53. Boys 13/14yrs 100m Backstroke, 20th Simon Cullum 1:22.42, 9th Tom Hogan 1:14.73. Girls 10 yrs 50m Freestyle, 24th Amelia Gillingham 41.38,23rd Alexandra Boosey 41.14 P.B, 19th Amy Swallow 40.37 P.B, 15th Sally Nixon 40.02 P.B, 3rd Grace Calver 33.54 P.B, 2nd Kimberly Maskell Heat 33.44 P.B Final 33.49. Boys 10 yrs 50m Freestyle, 16th Stuart Gilson 48.76, 13th Ben Wood 44.76 P.B, 12th Christopher Budd 40.24 P.B, 5th Andrew Bigley 36.21 P.B.

Girls 10 yrs 50m Backstroke, 24th Alexandra Boosey 49.72, 22nd Amelia Gillingham 49.23, 16th Sally Nixon 47.40 P.B, 14th Amy Swallow 46.26, 6th Kimberly Maskell Heat 41.69 P.B Final 42.04, 4th Grace Calver 41.17. Boys 10 yrs 50m Backstroke 16th Stuart Gilson 55.38 P.B, 8th Christopher Budd Final 46.42 P.B, 3rd Andrew Bigley 42.18 P.B. Girls 11/12 yrs 100m Freestyle, 61st Kathryn Hogan 1:26.70 P.B, 54th Catherine Worsfold 1:23.37, 51st Helen Powley 1:21.39 P.B, 44th Abby Maynard 1:19.16 P.B, 42nd Samantha Berry 1:19.05 P.B, 42nd Stephanie Calver 1:19.05 P.B, 36th Sarah Gilson 1:17.74 P.B, 30th Emily Thorrington 1:15.90 P.B, 20th Sophie Poole 1:13.74 P.B, 13th Rachel Keeley 1:11.84 P.B, 9th Eleanor Calver 1:10.50 P.B, 2nd Rebecca Harris 1:07.33 P.B. Boys 11/12 yrs 100m Freestyle, 44th Samuel Smith 1:27.89, 43rd James Bigley 1:27.77, 40th Tom Taylor 1:23.35 P.B, 31st Chris Taylor 1:17.62 P.B, 28th Harry Blau 1:16.58 P.B, 13th Michael Pugh 1:10.24 P.B, 11th Robert Nixon 1:09.08 P.B, 4th Tim Price 1:07.28 P.B, 1st William Boosey 1:05.10 P.B. Girls 13/14 yrs 100m Butterfly, 25th Katherine Budd 1:36.70 P.B, 11th Elisa Calver 1:24.16, 10th Alice Calver 1:22.42, 8th Hannah Wood Heat 1:18.31 P.B Final 1:19.62, 3rd Claire Worsfold 1:12.87, 1st Abbie Thorrington 1:10.71. Boys 13/14 yrs 100m Butterfly, 12th Tom Hogan 1:19.80 P.B. Girls 10 yrs 50m Breaststroke, 25th Alexandra Boosey 55.41 P.B, 23rd Amelia Gillingham 53.61 P.B, 12th Sally Nixon 51.01, 5th Amy Swallow 47.74 P.B, 4th Grace Calver 46.56 P.B, 3rd Kimberly Maskell 45.13 P.B. Boys 10 yrs 50m Breaststroke, 12th Stuart Gilson 55.57, 11th Christopher Budd 54.69 P.B, 10th Andrew Bigley 52.08. Girls 15/16 yrs 100m Backstroke, 21st Vikki Keeley 1:26.34, 17th Michele North 1:23.03, 14th Sarah Cleeve 1:20.40, 8th Carly Smith 1:16.76. Boys 15/16 yrs 100m Backstroke, 11th Carl Duff 1; 14.85, 9th Daniel Cullum 1; 13.23. Girls 11/12 yrs 100m Butterfly, 39th Catherine Worsfold 1; 41.69 P.B, 37th Samantha Berry 1; 41.36, 30th Helen Powley 1:33.49, 25th Abby Maynard 1:31.17, 22nd Emily Thorrington 1:29.32 P.B, 18th Eleanor Calver 1:28.62, 17th Rachel Keeley 1:28.46. Boys 11/12 yrs 100m Butterfly, 26th Samuel Smith 1:47.96 P.B, 8th William Boosey Heat 1:23.00 P.B Final 1: 27.10, 6th Harry Blau 1; 24.42 P.B, 3rd Michael Pugh 1:16.08, Robert Nixon 1:15.34 P.B. Girls 15/16 yrs 100m Freestyle, 20th Vikki Keeley 1:17.40, 13th Sarah Cleeve 1:08.81, 5th Carly Smith 1:06.00. Boys 15/16 yrs 100m Freestyle, 16th Sean McNamee 1:03.19 P.B, 14th Carl Duff 1:02.53 P.B, 13th James Brewer 1:02 32, 12th Daniel Cullum 1:02.23,6th David Harrison 1:00.37 P.B. Girls 11/12 yrs Breaststroke, 48th Stephanie Calver 1:53.03, 45th Samantha Berry 1:50.25 P.B, 43rd Catherine Worsfold 1:47.56 P.B, 40th Helen Powley 1:45.36 P.B, 39th Kathryn Hogan 1:43.88 P.B, 35th Sarah Gilson 1:42.67, 31st Sophie Poole 1:41.91 P.B, 20th Abby Maynard 1:35.87 P.B, 10th Rachel Keeley 1:32.77 P.B, 8th Eleanor Calver 1:30.70, 5th Rebecca Harris 1:27.96. Boys 11/12 yrs 100m Breaststroke, 28th Tom Taylor 1:55.87 P.B, 24th Samuel Smith 1:51.23 P.B, 22nd Andrew Cleeve 1:45.31, 11th William Boosey 1:34.70 P.B, 6th Michael Pugh 1:28.87, 4th Tim Price 1:28.17 P.B, 2nd Robert Nixon 1:24.92 P.B. Girls 13/14 yrs 100m Freestyle, 45th Sheena Duff 1:20.03, 39th Katherine Budd 1:17.42 P.B, 19th Claire Worsfold 1:10.99, 16th Alice Calver 1:10.71, 15th Hannah Wood 1:10.48, 10th Abbie Thorrington 1:09.11, 7th Elisa Calver Heat 1:08.44 Final 1:08.57.

Boys 13/14 yrs 100m Freestyle, 26th Simon Cullum 1:14.46 P.B, 16th Tom Hogan 1:07.40, 3rd Matt Paine 1:01.20 P.B. Girls 15/16 yrs 100m Butterfly, 12th Sarah Cleeve 1:25.69, 4th Carly Smith 1:17.07. Boys 15/16 yrs 100m Butterfly, 10th David Harrison 1:14.03 P.B, 6th Sean McNamee Heat 1:09>96 Final 1:11.99 5th Daniel Cullum Heat1: 11.58, Final 1:11.96.

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