Felixstowe: Dolphins see cup final dreams dashed in rule row

FELIXSTOWE: A resort football team is calling for a re-think of league rules after they were thrown out of the competition and fined �80, dashing their dreams of cup final glory.

Felixstowe Dolphins Sunday side thought they had done all they needed to progress as they pulled off a dramatic last-minute win in the cup semi-final, coming back from 3-1 down to score two goals against Hadleigh Otto Campanelli in the dying minutes of the January 30 game.

But their hopes were dashed when club manager and secretary Darren Glover was told this week their victory would be overturned because two of their players had been deemed ineligible.

“There’s a rule that you have to have played three games previous to the semi-final to be eligible for the cup final,” said Darren, 26.

“Because the players had been signed on all season, just not playing every game, we didn’t check it. It’s not a rule that’s very common across other leagues.

“And to add insult to injury they have added on an �80 fine.

“Obviously rules are rules, but it needs more thinking about. We’ve written a letter of complaint to the league. I can’t see the ruling being overturned so we will still be kicked out, but we’re hoping the fine will be reduced.”

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The port worker, who lives in Rendlesham Road, admitted they should have double-checked the rules but is calling for individual circumstances to be taken into account.

Cancellations because of snow mean the Dolphins have played just eight games in the Flare Recruitment Ipswich Sunday Football League this season, compared to other clubs who have played 13.

And the players in question have both been signed to the club since it formed at the Dolphin Hotel three years ago, but one was ruled out after injuring his ankle at the start of the season and the other has been dealing with the birth of his first child.

Suffolk Sports Forums have been buzzing with debate over the rights and wrongs of the league decision, as fellow footballers call for a bit of leeway for the team.

No one from the Flare Recruitment league was available to comment.

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